Earth Science Data Analytics/2016-8-18 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESDA Telecon notes – 8/18/16

Known Attendees:

ESIP Hosts (Annie Burgess), Steve Kempler, Emily Northup, Beth Huffer, Byron Peters, Lindsay Barbieri, Chung-Lin Shie, Shea Caspersen, Annie Burgess, Tiffany Mathews, Angela Li, Robert Downs, Joan Aron, Tripp Corbett



1. Next steps for ESDA Cluster

2. Open Mic – What else should we be addressing?




Thank you all for attending and participating in our telecon

For the topic, where can ESDA Cluster go from here, the following ideas were floated, consistent with our goals:

- Validate our work

- Prototype

- Have a sandbox for using the tools

- List DA projects that people are working on

- List potential problems that DA could be applied to

- List challenges to doing more DA

- List potential solutions to the challenges

- Move from tabular data to data visualization

We can also become more involved with interagency work:

- Intro/background related to Earth system science

- Current EPA/ORD/Earth science related work - Infrastructure, Analytics

- Intra-agency work/potential collaborations: EPA/CDC ecological niche modeling of vector borne diseases potential project; NASA/NOAA/USGS/EPA CyAN project; EPA/Chesbay Conservancy automated visual recognition projects

- Tools/techniques discussion/update

Other moving forward thoughts:

- What tools /techniques can we address first? What problem to solve

- Invite and drill into projects already utilizing data analytics (e.g.,EPA Projects)

1. Tiffany: Focus on what individuals are working on that use particular ESDA techniques. Should be Use Case driven. Bring light to tool/technique via use case. Would need to choose candidates

2. Protoype: Utilize a ESDA tool to solve a data problem. Could have breakout groups to look at different tools/technique

2A. Joan: Look at what other ESIP Clusters are doing that can be helpful. For example, talk to Dave Jones, Disaster Cluster, about the data analytics he is utilizing.

3. Shea: Brought up Chris Mattman’s SciSpark talk.

Can we be the conduit between ESIP ESDA tool interests (e.g., SciSPark) and heterogeneous data innsue (e.g., Disaster Data). This may be a good prototype that might experimentally benefit both groups, and be exemplary for further such prototyping.

Also, let’s take the opportunity to entice others interested in ESDA technologies

Also, let’s provde a activity slide for Annie for SciDataCon (Steve can do this)

Next Meeting:

September 15, 2016


1. Next Steps

2. Open Mic – What else should we be addressing?