Earth Science Data Analytics/2015-3-19 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESDA Telecon notes – 3/19/15

Known Attendees:

ESIP Host (Erin Robinson), Steve Kempler, Chung-lin Shie, Thomas Hearty, Jennifer Wei, Joan Aron, Suhung Shen



1. Finalizing template and addressing populating it with use cases.

2. Potential ESIP ESDA workshop.

3. Open Mic


None, this time. Worked off Google Doc: Use Case Information:


Thank you all for attending. Making good progress...

We now have working set of information needed in which to insert Use Case information. I ma sure it will still need refining. Steve will create a Use Case template in Google Doc, and start populating the Google DOc with the use cases we have already identified in the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet review discussion:

-- What is new that we (Data Analytics) is trying to address? Good question. So, our template asks for a bunch of 'background' information about the project, but what's new that Data Analytics can address are the sections:

  • Current technical issues/requirements to take into account that may impact needed data analytics (Data source, volume, heterogeneity of data, visualization needs,others)
  • Data Analytics Challenges (Gaps)
  • Potential for and/or issues for generalizing this use case (e.g. for ref. architecture)

-- We added two additional rows on our template: Science Focus Areas and Societal Benefit Areas. This way, use cases can benefit end users who are particularly interested in specific science or societal benefit areas

-- Tiffany described a very informative workshop she attended. Her notes will soon be posted

We next switched over to talk about the possibility of holding an Earth Science Data Analytics on the first day of the summer meeting. The theme of the workshop 'could' be something like: How can the ESIP Federation support the use of Earth science data analytics. With the idea that we bring in experts that know what, where, and how Earth science data analytics are used, what needs are being asked for, and what gaps exist. The might sound good, but who are those experts? So we discussed:

-- Who is our audience? ESIP technologists, who, once hearing problem/needs of at a analytics users, can go solve it.

-- Who are our experts? Suggestions made: Power users, who deal with lots of distributed heterogeneous data; Decision makers who can express what their needs; Google; Chris Mattmann (already in the Federation); Larrabee Strow (AIRS Scientist); of course, Peter Fox

-- Let's think about this some more

Next Telecon:

Thursday, April 16, 2015, 3:00 EST


1. Initiate discussion on surveying Data Analytics Tools and Techniques available to Earth science research

2. Follow-up on potential ESIP ESDA workshop at the summer meeting.

3. Discuss potential speakers (to address Data Analytics) for ESIP Summer Meeting

4. Open Mic


Steve - Initiate a Use Case document by populating the document with our 'prototype' use cases

Active Participants - Review Use Case document and provide feedback. Insert 3 use cases each. Due: By next telecon: April 16.

All Other Participants - E-mail Steve ( so you can be an Active Participant Soon. But don't need to be an Active Participant to review use please do

All - For next telecon, please provide ideas of potential speakers to discuss ESDA at next ESIP Summer Meeting.