Earth Science Data Analytics/2015-2-5 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESDA Telecom notes – 2/5/15

Known Attendees:

ESIP Host (Nancy Hoebelheinrich), Steve Kempler, Chung-lin Shie, Thomas Hearty, Tiffany Mathews, Ethan McMahon, Robert Downs, Brand Niemann, Ethan Davis, Jennifer Wei, Liping Di, Radina Soebiyanto, Robert Casey, Sara Graves, Joan Aron



1. Discuss Use Case Information Needed.

Continuing our face to face at ESIP, we decided to build a library of Earth science data analytics use cases, but first needed to ensure the information requested was clear and appropriate. I created a Google Spreadsheet open for review and comments. Besides the folks who, at the face-to-face, signed up to spend a little time to review and provide inputs on the spreadsheet, if others wish to be involved in editing, please send me an e-mail.

2. Discuss ESIP Summer Meeting theme

Earth Science Data Analytics. Let’s continue the discussion started in January to help the meeting organizers with gathering speakers, themes orientation for the rest of the Federation, etc. I will know more before Thursday.

3. Open Mic


None, this time. Worked off Google Doc: Use Case Information:


Thank you all for attending.

Today, agenda topic number 1 captured the bulk of time during our telecon. We had a very good discussion describing and discussing the information we should pursue when collecting Earth Science Data Analytics use cases. We examined/compared the categories that we had come up with and the categories utilize by the NIST Big Data Use Case gathering effort (see: By consolidating the categories, we acknowledged that we may be asking for more information that is available in our use cases, but that is OK as we learn. It was also noted that the NIST list addressed categories valuable for Big Data utilization use cases, thus some NIST categories amy not apply to ESDSA use cases. Again]n, we'll give it try. Steve consolidated categories and ESDA group comments in the above mentioned Google Doc. See action.

We did not get a chance to talk much about Earth Science Data Analytics as a potential theme for the summer's ESIP meeting. See action.

Post telecon note: At Monday's Visioneer meeting, which I suggest attending if you are interested in being part of forward looking ESIP activities and direction, Summer meeting logistics was discussed, theme did not get addressed. So, I have nothing to report on that, at this time

Next Telecon:

Thursday, February 26, 2015, 3:00 EST


1. Review ESDA Use Case provided in Google Doc.

2. Discuss ESIP Summer Meeting theme

3. Open Mic


Steve - Steve consolidated categories and ESDA group comments in our Google Doc:


Ethan M, Robert C, Tiffany M, Steve K - Each person enter up to 2 ESDA use cases into the Google Doc (prototypes entries) to determine if the information we are gathering per project will lead us to be able to categorize the data analytics being utilized. Due Friday, February 13.

Active Participants - Review use cases submitted and provide feedback in Google Doc, in comments pull down. Due for next telecon, February 20.

All Other Participants - E-mail Steve ( so you can be an Active Participant Soon. But don't need to be an Active Participant to review use please do

Steve - Look at how themes were reflected in past ESIP Meeting agendas. Report back to group.

All - For next telecon, prepare to discuss ESDA theme for next ESIP Meeting: Focus of theme, who can we invite as speakers, which other clusters have some relation to the usage of data analytics