Earth Science Data Analytics/2015-2-26 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESDA Telecom notes – 2/26/15

Known Attendees:

ESIP Host (Erin Robinson), Steve Kempler, Chung-lin Shie, Ethan McMahon, Jennifer Wei, Joan Aron, Radina Soebiyanto, sdbennett



1. Discuss Use Case Information Needed Template. Of the template information requested, what do we keep, and what do we not. Please take a look at the use cases provided to see how well the information requested can be accommodated.

2. Discuss next ESIP Meeting theme: Earth Science Data Analytics. .

3. Open Mic


None, this time. Worked off Google Doc: Use Case Information:


Thank you all for attending. Making progress...

After next month's telecon, we should be coming to closure on what information we need to acquire when collecting ESDA use cases, in order to achieve the following objectives:

-- Characterize different types of ESDA: By ESDA usage; By Results of ESDA desired; By type of data user (their primary interests)

-- Determine data analytics tools and techniques utilized per different type of ESDA

-- Determine needs/difficulties, that data analytics is currently not fulfilling

-- And ultimately, recommend where data analytics can best be advanced to support the Earth science community

Thanks to the trial use cases provided by Ethan, Bob, Tiffany, Laura, and I, today we were able to iron out and clarify the information requested in our template. We also determined what information would not be significant to meeting our objectives. We noted, that the template we started with, borrowed from the keenly organized use case template developed within the NIST Big Data Initiative, asks for more information than would be needed for just understanding data analytics: Our focus. (The NIST Big Data Initiative seeks use cases to address Big Data, a superset of what data analytics addresses). Steve will clean-up our Google Doc matrix, ensuring all feedback is taken into account, and will provide a Use Case temple for all to review.

Erin then provided an update on what the next ESIP Federation theme is shaping up to be: 'Data Driven Community Resilience', with an emphasis on 'data --> information--.knowledge-->wisdom'. Discussions continue amongst our ESIP Visioneers, but Erin suggested that a planary speaker to talk about Earth Science Data Analytics would be really desirable. This is on the agenda for next month (an dose action item). Erin also asked us to consider possible data analytics workshops. More to come on this.

With a few minutes left in the telecon, Ethan, addressing his earlier e-mail to the Federation, talked about the EPA initiative stand up a big data analytics service within the agency, to help future projects utilizing data analytics. Please see Ethan's e-mail from February 20 (3:11 PM EST) for additional information.

Next Telecon:

Thursday, March 19, 2015, 3:00 EST


1. Come to conclusion on what information our Earth Science Data Analytics Use Cases should provide.

2. Discuss where and how to acquire ESDA Use Cases

3. Discuss potential speakers (to address Data Analytics) for ESIP Summer Meeting

4. Open Mic


Steve - Define the candidate information to acquire for our use cases, based on the goals (above) for collecting the use cases


Steve - Talk to Joan about providing a use case that describes the end use of data.

Active Participants - Review spreadsheet and provide feedback in Google Doc, on whether we have selected the correct information to capture in our use cases to meet our objectives . Due: By next telecom: March 19.

All Other Participants - E-mail Steve ( so you can be an Active Participant Soon. But don't need to be an Active Participant to review use please do

All - For next telecon, please provide ideas of potential speakers to discuss ESDA at next ESIP Summer Meeting. Who can we invite as speakers, which other clusters have some relation to the usage of data analytics