ESIP as a Virtual Organization - Summer 2008

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

During discussions after the ESIP Winter meeting in Washington, and as a result of the NSF BEVO (Building Engineering Virtual Organizations) meeting, it seemed that ESIP is a VO, or is it? If so, is it optimal? How could it be improved? What are the best practices, etc?

We may consider joining with the other break-out on Peer Organizations

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The aim of this working session is to inform attendees on what the modern definition of a VO is, where technology plays a role and where it does not. We could then examine ESIP and brain storm about what works, what does not and what could change.

~ 2 hours - this is a working session.

Who should attend?

  • ESIP executive
  • Cluster leads
  • Those with VO experience
  • Anyone on a large project with experience, new to a project who wants to find out what to do, what not

We'll browse web sites and presentations, etc.

See this website for resources from a recent NSF workshop.

Report from Workshop

Contact: Carol Meyer, Bruce Caron or Peter Fox if you are interested.

Add your name here if you will attend (need this for room size):

  • Carol Meyer
  • Peter Fox
  • Will Pozzi

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  • Note Julia Melkers talk and the VO talks on Wednesday A. This session will follow that and discuss

Session Notes