ESIP Federation: Vision for the Future

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Session Summary: July 19, 2007

Participants: Tamara Ledley; Kerry Handronk; Marilyn Kaminski; Jami Montgomery; Noha Gaber; Steven Moore; Brian Rogan; Chuck Wooldridge; Bruce Wilson; Chris Lenhardt; Margaret Mooney; Bruce Caron; Carol Meyer; Rob Raskin; Heidi Paulson; Ray Olivero; John Kozimor; Ray Burns; Howard Burrows

The breakout group discussed a number of ideas for what priorities the ESIP Federation might consider in its strategic planning/organizational review process:

ESIP Federation Identity
•Need to do Stakeholder Analysis for both Members and Sponsors
•Define the Niche of the Organization

ESIP Federation Segments
•More engagement with policy
•More engagement with social scientists
•More engagement with scientists
•Engagement of users – replicable process

Continued Forum for Technical People

ESIP Federation Activities
•Broaden activities beyond technology
•Link technologies to science/applications context
•Engage science, education, decision maker interests
•Tell the story
•Goal oriented activities
•Leverage off existing work people are doing
•Bridge building – facilitation role
•Community-driven learning for organizational change (e.g. technology diffusion)
•Earth Information Exchange
•Social Networking Tools
•Communicating member stories on website

What is/should the role of the ESIP Federation be in communication with broader ES community? in helping technology interests communicate outside their realm?

What should the role of the ESIP Federation be in standards development? Standards promotion? Contributions to standards-making bodies?

What should be done about inactive ESIP Partners?
•Strategies for engagement
•Ending partnerships

Why a 3-year cycle for strategic plan? More focused plan.

Address fund flow