ESIP Exchange Glossary

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  1. An exchange is an integration site that helps coordinate and/or recompose elements from several existing systems for use by specific stakeholders.
  2. An exchange supports exchange of elements between independent systems. The technology involved may range from a simple list of static access points to more integrated RSS, JSR-168, and/or SOA component-based systems.
  3. Advanced exchanges introduce market forces to help users in specific contexts recognize and compare value, as in a stock or commodity exchange.
  1. A portal is an access point for multiple independent systems (like a gateway or clearinghouse).
  2. A portal is an aggregator for portlets (likely using JSR-168 standards)
  3. A portal is a launch site or transition point to transport a user and ease movement between knowledge environments (as movement between K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education environments).