ESIP Education Summer Workshop June 7

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Participants: Preston Lewis, LuAnn Dahlman, Dan Zalles, Shelley Olds, Johanna Bozuwa

Review updates to activities

  • LuAnn added a photo and will continue to work on it
  • Preston – still needs to work on his activity
  • Dan – still needs to work on his activity
  • Shelley – (sensors) still needs to work on her activity
  • Maybe this is easier for one on one? Working call with a smaller group? Set up a working meeting and put on the screen to see what it needs – next time
  • Activities should be hands on activities for the workshop and then prepare to use it with learners
  • One of the goals is to present as much to the teachers as we can as a “sounding board” for some of the ideas
  • Action Item: Everyone to work on their activity

Review post-workshop agenda 

  • adaptations of the ones Margaret sent to Dan and the webinar
  • Don’t really need any more pre workshop stuff. Have all that information. Focused on the post-test
  • Suggested to make a bit shorter. Those with * is from previous post-workshop survey, the others are adapted from the webinar.
  • Make sure that all presenters see the post-workshop survey so that they know what the questions are/ expectations.
  • Increase your interest in using drones on your own can be dropped
  • Decoupled relevant to my interests and relevant to my needs
  • In order to say STEAM in the post-test, make sure to say STEAM along the way
  • Add suggested activities in the post-workshop survey – especially ask for contribution on the Arts component
  • Action Item: LuAnn to put this into a google form with the changes needed

Assign responsibilities for the workshop agenda

  • Find the assignments in the Draft Agenda (Google Docs)
  • Action Item: Ask Margaret to identify who has strong interest to prepare a brief presentation on the webinars provided before from those who were on the webinars. Contact 2 people ahead of time: Use B4UFLY & Pre-Flight Checklist. Allow for investment in the workshop.
  • A pair of people can be really helpful for Drone Aerodynamics is really helpful. Otherwise it is hard to concentrate.
  • Action Item: Shelley to give a list to Preston of the things that he will be doing as an example in Aerodynamics 1.
  • Need a conversation about the sensors – who is going to bring them, how will we get them mounted on the drones? Need to nail this down.
  • Shelley has sensors. She has a friend who is developing a 40 g sensor that measures GPS, altitude, temp, and humidity. A DIY package. Can also found something online.
  • Preston will be the one to take the activity testing to translate to eBook

Finalize plans for drone order

  • Action Item: order by Mid-June, Shelley will test for the next week.
  • Action Item: Shelley asks Dan and Preston to give her information on camera thoughts for the drone.