ESIP Education Summer Workshop June 24

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Participants: Preston Lewis, LuAnn Dahlman, Dan Zalles, Shelley Olds, Johanna Bozuwa

Drones Trial

  • Preston and Shelley used the barometers. Didn’t lift as much as the previous one, but much more stable, much easier to move around.
  • LuAnn will bring her drone, which can carry up to 150 grams. More powerful, but harder to fly.
  • She also has a helicopter that you can fly. Very low payload but could be interesting to bring.
  • She ordered 2 weather balloons. Hasn’t used them but can bring them along.
  • Could also get a 3-4 helium balloons from the grocery store. If can’t use a drone and want something low-tech, could use this.
  • Action Item: Bring any toys you can to the workshop so we can play around with them.

Drone Specifics

  • All drones will be the same. Preston and Shelley decided that they will use the drone Preston tried out. Lower load capability, but the ability to hover is much increased.
  • We will need flexibility on the day of the workshop.
  • How to bring a drone in a suitcase? Are there any security issues?
  • Must hand-carry the batteries. Highly suggest that batteries go in separate ziplock bags, so there is no chance they’ll get shorted.
  • If you put tape so that the wires are just attached to the battery itself, they’re less likely to be yanked out of the battery itself. (General tip)
  • Other option: ship it. Can’t use USPS because of the batteries. FedEx and UPS will.
  • Action Item: Safety glasses would be a good thing. Order 1 set of 12
  • Margaret to email the participants, as well. Asking them to bring glasses.


  • Release forms necessary – for both harm and photos.
  • Action Item: Preston to send note to Erin Robinson asking about release forms.
  • Preston always open to jump in at the last minute
  • Computer presentations – Margaret says that ESIP has laptops in each room. Already hooked up to GoToMeeting. We will use this.
  • Could also use Google Presenter and sign into the Google Drive
  • Margaret all set for the 6 talks that straddle the break.
  • Drone Aerodynamics 2: may want to have a brief introduction where we encourage people to move and stay with one group. It may be “controlled chaos” so just be ready.
  • Shelley or Dan to talk about Sensors after lunch.
  • Schedule looks solid as of right now. Just need an afternoon break.
  • We will have Monday afternoon/evening to get all things together.
  • Action Item: Preston to print Shelley’s bicycle depiction in the large scale. Shelley to send his way after scaling up. Have 1 large on and 20 small ones.

Funding & Drone Cluster

  • Funding Friday – find a way
  • Shelley may be involved in the Drone Cluster
  • Need to see the RFP – Deadline is July 21st
  • Usually around $15k
  • ESIP Education to write a letter of support? - Margaret
  • Consider how we would support it. Provide testbed of educators
  • Action Item: Margaret as the main POC between the drone and education committees. So we can see what they need and what they’re asking of us.