ESIP Education Summer Workshop June 14

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Dan Zalles, Preston Lewis, Shelley Olds

Review Updated Activities Dan – Sensors

  • Try to stay away from prescriptive steps
  • Add a photograph of a sensor is attached as a drone/ask for an explanation of how they attached the sensor to the drone
  • Preston – Using drones to take measurements to back up what a satellite can see
  • Preston will help them identify NASA data
  • Sensors can help them compare directly with NASA data and add to the GLOBE work
  • Will not overlap too much with the talk earlier in the morning
  • May be worth deleting the protocols on the right hand side. It may be a bit overwhelming in text.
  • Good for people who already know about GLOBE protocol
  • Should we ask this question to attendees beforehand?
  • Shelley – Study an object from all sides
  • Some math involved in order to get the 360 view
  • Where is the science/research component to this? Is there enough?
  • Let’s connect to STEAM – Arts!
  • Clarify the 70% overlap
  • Margaret – Doesn’t expect to have an activity as such, but instead something that people can try out in the afternoon if they want
  • Sent all attendees and email to ask them to download SATCAM
  • Expect to have something similar to Dan’s where they could take her presentation and try it out in the afternoon

General Note

  • Should the activities be “handout-able vs talk-able” – what is the best way to go about this? Need a consistent setup.


  • Before You Fly and Pre-Flight Checklist – nobody has signed up for it yet.
  • Let’s leave it open for a little longer
  • Preston is the backup for the Before You Fly app and Margaret for the Pre-Flight Checklist
  • The break that we have in our schedule is at 10 and the ESIP wide break is at 10:30
  • Action: LuAnn to look into fixing the scheduling
  • 10:30-11:30 we have our 6 talks.
  • Makes more sense to cut them into 2 sets

Drone Sensors

  • sensor package by Shelley’s friend is an option
  • Shelley has pulled together a list of sensor options
  • The cigar option is lightweight but doesn’t have a lot of precision
  • USB option 0.8 oz
  • Do we want to buy a variety and try them out?
  • Have about $100 for testing products
  • Action Item: LuAnn to take a look at the options for sensors