ESIP Education Summer Workshop July 12

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Workshop Planning

Drone Order:

  • There were only 6 available at one store, but Shelley found 10 more at another store.
  • Action: LuAnn to follow up with Erin and make sure that they are ordered and on their way.
  • Shelley is trying to get the sensors and get it shipped to Preston and hopefully have some easy directions.
  • To know about the sensors: relatively rudimentary and should be very simple. Records it to an SD card. Put it in a reader and there should be a comma separated file. Shelley hasn’t had time to try it out.
  • Sunday night in the hotel or on Monday during the day to meet.


  • Preston got the release form all figured out
  • Before you fly – Randy Russell
  • Pre-Flight Checklist – Dan Zalles. Provide hard copy and present for around 10 minutes or so. Use slide 61 (Information to Collect: Flight Data Sheet and FAA pre-flight checklist: ) Use the ESIP logo on the checklist. It is on the Education Wiki.
  • Action: Dan to clean up the Pre-Flight Checklist as well as make a short presentation. Preston will print it out. Thursday this should be printed at the latest.
  • Preston will still do the flying example and asks for someone to provide a little bit of background on the moves
  • Aerodynamics 1 – Shelley started a document. Shelley can get you a more explanatory list by Thursday.
  • Aerodynamics 2 & 3 – Need at least 4 or 5 hard copies of the activities in the group’s hands. Could also have it projected on the screen.
  • Action: Everyone make copies of the activities you are responsible for.
  • Agenda Hard Copy needs finalization
  • Action: LuAnn to finalize and Margaret to print
  • Make sure to get a photo of the whole group before lunch.


  • Ask them to fill out the survey. Sometimes they leave early. Need the survey to be filled out before they get the stipend.