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SubmitterName Bruce Caron
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType workshop"workshop" is not in the list (Workshop, Breakout Session, Business meeting) of allowed values for the "SessionType" property.
Title E-Science Drupal Lab
Abstract E-Science Drupal Lab (new name): The ESIP Drupal Working Group (DruWG), together with the NASA Science on Drupal Central (ACCESS) Project will be convening a day-long Drupal Lab with demos, tutorials, talks from Drupal developers, code-sprints, and yes: beer. The Lab will also invite local Madison Drupal experts to explore issues for doing earth science data-rich websites using Drupal. The Lab will start Monday afternoon, with an evening pub event, and then continue Tuesday AM, through lunch.

STAY TUNED for more information up until the week before the meeting!

VirtualPresenters yes
VirtualParticipants yes
CoConveners Drupal Working Group and NASA Science on Drupal Central (ACCESS) Project
CollabAreas Drupal

The program for the E-Science Drupal Lab will combine invited demos and expert talks with emergent (unconference) sessions. More information will be available by the end of June.

Monday, July 16, 2012 [eScience Drupal Lab BOFs]
Time Session Details Location
1:00 PM Sign In to ESIP DrupalCamp Pyle Center Room 111
1:30 - 2:30
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
2:30 pm Break Nearest coffee shop
2:45 - 3:45
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
3:45 pm Break Nearest coffee shop
4:00 - 5:00 OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
OPEN 111
5:00-5:30 BOF report out and announcements for next AM Room 111
7:00 Beer somewhere. TBD

Tuesday AM Sessions are on the main Program Page