ESIP As a Virtual Organization Report Out

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP as a virtual organization (VO) 10am-11am

  • Peter Fox, Carol Meyer, Howard Burrows, Zhen Long, Chuck Hutchinson, Huajun, Rahul Ramachandran, Ted Haberman, Phil Yang, Deborah McGuinness, Rob Raskin, Gary Foley, James Gallagher, Rudy Husar, Pallavi

Summary items - actionable for ESIP

  1. Semantic add-on to ESIP MediaWiki-
  2. Metric – ID contributors input/output and increase by x over t
  3. Fix “watch” page


  • Deki (Japanese for smart) Wiki “media wiki”
Watch pages
Opt – in
  • Metric of how effect is it…use for
  • VIDEO CONFERENCE (Webex, skype)
Connectivity increase
Small videos like skype rather than one large video
Active chat (IRC, SKYPE CHAT), possible for archive, how fast can you type?
  • Protocol for chat?
Webex – raise hand
Genesis – ESIP
Record video – very important events
NOAA and NASA blocks skype, they need to think about it, and perhaps make it a requirement
Gmail  chat
Webcast and archives (podcast)
Viddler – comment on video
Show – me – do?
  • Hierarchy of meetings
Heterarchy of VO
Interfacing via telecom → shorten time but increase what gets accomplished
Get Organized before!!!  Send out the presentation before hand so that people have had a chance to view/review it ahead of time and then the time during the telecom can be spend DISCUSSING.
Same time
Leader –focus on highly targeted → outcome
Why gather?
What we will do?
Be aware of spin – up time to participate! e.g. shuttle analogy (bus not space)
# of people in a session = 2?
Product out of every element
Leader to delegate Agenda items and added on fly – by participates
Schedule by preparedness, meeting are set up in time space instead of prepared space
Why 1 hour?
Unintended/accidental participation for some initiative, Do we need goals for this?
Rss/Atom – email
Notification? Working?
Highlight from different perspective
COP – community of practice ideas --- involves how to take advantage of this for ESIP : broadens perspective
What tools?  EPA e.g. computational toxicology
Strategic planning is more structured, not the same as unintended
e.g. Sci COP (EPA)
Ontology – driven organization
Federation was set up based on “The Age of Unreason”
Cluster can be a COP + formed anytime then transition into a standing committee
e.g. AQ Cluster → GEOSS structure use wiki’s
Participation numbers
Standards metrics did not work → nuggets
Social capitol
  • Roles and Responsibility
Pragmatism made known to leads
  • What are drivers?
Internal forces
GEOSS has same issue → uses “CALL for participation” (CESIP use this)
  • Rights and Obligations
Leave a record
Align with what is happening
  • Expose what you are doing!!!