ESIP 2021 Winter Meeting Materials for the session 'Science and the US Government: Where does your contribution fit into the picture?'

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Purpose of this page

This page provides a summary of the ESIP Winter 2021 meeting tutorial 'Science and the US Government: Where does your contribution fit into the picture?' held on 2021-01-27 and organized by the ESIP Agriculture and Climate Cluster. You may also be interested in another session organized by the cluster titled 'Carbon Management, Food, Agriculture, Human well-being: Using informatics to connect the climate action dots'.

People involved

Goals of the tutorial

  1. Gain awareness of the science, technology, and policy (STP) landscape. In the course of your S&T work, you might recognize landmarks and wander on over to investigate.
  2. Provide a broad sketch of the STP landscape for you to investigate further if you're trying to effect change.

Three takeaways

  • Individuals can incorporate their science and technology expertise in policy by getting in contact with the public policy staff of your respective professional societies.
  • ESIP may wish to explore how to highlight and communicate the potential contribution of its science and technology constituents to policy.
  • Although the meeting session focused on federal policy, there is also a role for science and technology in state, local, tribal, territorial, and international policy.


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Process of Incorporating Science and Technology into National Policy
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US Science and Technology Policy Framework with Science and Technology Components