ESIP 2013 Summer Meeting Materials for the session 'Cultivating a Climate and Agriculture Cluster'

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

An informal gathering to gauge interest in, and possibly kick off, the formation of a new Climate and Agriculture Cluster to discuss:

  • What are the needs/goals of the cluster?
  • What are the role(s) of the cluster (data provider, service provider, data/service integrator)?
  • How should the cluster relate to existing ESIP groups (e.g., Collaboration Area: Climate Education Working Group, Decisions, Energy and Climate)?
  • How should the cluster relate and contribute to ongoing, existing efforts (e.g., USDA's LTAR)?
  • Inventory of ESIP member resources/related activities (e.g., NASA data archives, NASA-funded projects).
  • Inventory of non-ESIP resources/related activities (e.g., ARS experimental watersheds, NRCS SCAN sites).