ESC Human Factors Target Outputs

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Outputs from telecon on 2012-02-23

  • Recommend a set of questions and answers about human factors relating to science research practices
    • What hinders researchers from sharing their results?
      • N.B.: need to look at hindrances or lack thereof in different spheres, such as team members vs. competitors
    • What relationships do people expect to have in a collaboratory?
      • leverage other's knowledge, but need to account for competitive aspect
    • What social media are widely used by researchers?
    • What do researchers want?
    • What types of data and info are shared at the end of the day?
    • Look at both positive (enabling/facilitating) factors to be leveraged and negative factors to be mitigated
    • Look at User Experience aspects
    • Look at question of how do you ensure collaboratory does not inhibit pioneering research?
      • option a: just don't work there
      • option b: make sure collab supports "secret" personal workspace (analogy with Internet)
    • Chris: use MentalNotes:
      • Social proof:
      • Cognitive biases
      • Delighters?
      • e.g. Ownership bias, make the collaboratory more about the content (i.e., contributions) than the framework
      • Hook - make it more of an ecosystem, kind of like the Internet
      • factor cognitive biases into collaboratory
  • Features (kind of like requirements) based on questions/answers
    • How do we relate this to user stories? User stories are more longitudinal?
    • BUT make sure that this list is checked off against the user stories as well.
    • What does this collaboration entail? sharing data, sharing algorithms?
      • AI: let's put together a simple list of what we share, eg. higher level data (not so much raw data)
      • We're sharing data, but also meta information, knowledge
  • Add link to definition of collaboratory in wiki: (need to add link)