ESC 2012 11 19

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Participants: Chris Lynnes, Dave Meyer, Erin Robinson, Steve Aulenbach, Angela Murillo, Emily Law, Bruce Caron, Erin Robinson, Jeff McWhirter, Michael McLennan, Ruth, Carol, Hook Hau, Steve Aulenbach

ESIP Meeting Proposed Session #1: Ideas for designing an emergent ecosystem

  • See "Design for a Thriving UX Ecosystem"
  • The role of the "Open World" assumption
  • The roles of users and other stakeholders in the ecosystems
    • Implications for Ownership Bias to overcome Status Quo and Familiarity Biases
  • Determining needed relationships among components
    • Role of interoperability standards?
  • Designing and implementing "selection pressures"
  • Designing good emergent behavior and suppressing bad behavior
  • Accounting for coexisting niche-fillers
  • Encoding the ecosystem "design"
  • We should work out examples to work out during the session to initiate discussion
  • User biases when there is personal data, ownership bias, plays crucial role in collaboration
  • Add ideas for either session
  • Dave: Has use-case scenarios that he will deliver before the meeting. He will post them on the wiki

ESIP Meeting Proposed Session #2: ESC Planning for 2013

Suggested Topics

  • Understanding NEX (NASA Earth Exchange) current and planned capabilities for collaboration
  • Leveraging other Programs: what can we get _____ to make for us? And How?
    • NSF EarthCube
  • Collecting Use Cases
    • We can add Dave’s use cases here.
  • Deploy HubZero
  • Collaborative System Mash-Up (RAMADDA + HubZero, RAMADDA + NEX, NEX + HubZero?, gSocial + RAMADDA, ...)
  • is anyone using NEX?
  • NASA Cemac program is using NEX
  • NEX comes in two parts, there is a back end part and front end part, which is like sharing workflows
  • Thinking about bringing someone in who is using NEX
  • What we need is a general approach that we can apply to these separate programs, or at least a meta approach so that we can work with other programs.
  • How do we get participation beyond NASA?
  • What is going on within the EarthCube funding and other funding?
  • How are we going to present this?
    • Discussion or mixture of discussion and presentation
    • Start with simply slides to catch everyone up, then get into discussion
    • Five slides or so to show what we did this year