ESC 2012 10 15

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants Chris Lynnes, Emily Law, Bruce Caron, Erin Robinson, Jeff McWhirter, Michael McLennan, Ruth, Carol, Hook Hau, Steve Aulenbach

Agenda and Notes

  • HubZero Overview: Michael McLennan
  • toolbox for building scientific websites
  • open source
  • web download
  • LAMP
  • grew up at Purdue with NanoHub
  • posting simulation and modeling
  • protected remote desktop environment
  • can run what if and comparison studies
  • integrated visualization
  • multiple people can cannot at same time
  • Rapture toolkit:
    • can construct the kind of interface to visualize output
    • cover a lot of different scientific domains & programming languages
    • builds a graphical user interface
    • regression tester build into framework
  • can register and publish tools
  • can run analytic & statistics of tools
  • can work together in private groups
  • data management, simulation and modeling tools, social networking, and analytics
  • not much integration across hubs
  • external data
  • preexisting collaborations,

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