ESC 2012 09 17

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

Participants Chris Lynnes, Brian Wee, Dave Fulker, Dave and Bhaskar, Erin Robinson, Angela Murillo

Agenda and Notes

1. HubZero Tryout

  • Purdue already offer a VM and software download
  • Hook suggested set up an instance on the Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Hook is going to talk with Michael McLennan

We need to think about how to run a try out

  • telecon with Michael McLennan
  • legwork before hand
  • asynchronous or synchronous?

Dave: good for him to have some upfront preparation, some sort of assignment beforehand

  • need some sort of basic assignment
  • general enough, easy to walk through
  • Assignment at an entry level, undergraduate lab course

2. Review NASA ROSES/CMAC winners for Collaboratory section

  • NASA call: Computational algorithms and cyberinfrastucture abstracts of selected proposals
  • Four proposals that had collaboratory ideas
    • Integrating Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms into the NASA Earth Exchange
    • Collaborative workbench to accelerate science algorithm development
    • Cloud Enabled Scientific Collaborative Research Environment
    • A Community-Driven Workflow Recommendations and Reuse Infrastructure
  • Bring in PIs and CIs of these projects to see what they really wanted to do with these proposals
  • Projects scheduled to start in October maybe November
  • What order makes more sense NEX guys or CMAC? What should we do first?
    • Doing CMAC first to get an overview of the projects, just 10 to 15 minutes each, to see what they’re trying to accomplish
    • Dave: Can see benefits of trying to combine them
    • We’ll want to schedule it as a separate meeting or one long meeting
    • Chris: Will contact CMAC and see what the can work out

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