ESC 2012 09 17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants Chris Lynnes, Brian Wee, Dave Fulker, Dave and Bhaskar, Erin Robinson, Angela Murillo

Agenda and Notes

1. HubZero Tryout

  • Purdue already offer a VM and software download
  • Hook suggested set up an instance on the Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Hook is going to talk with Michael McLennan

We need to think about how to run a try out

  • telecon with Michael McLennan
  • legwork before hand
  • asynchronous or synchronous?

Dave: good for him to have some upfront preparation, some sort of assignment beforehand

  • need some sort of basic assignment
  • general enough, easy to walk through
  • Assignment at an entry level, undergraduate lab course

2. Review NASA ROSES/CMAC winners for Collaboratory section

  • NASA call: Computational algorithms and cyberinfrastucture abstracts of selected proposals
  • Four proposals that had collaboratory ideas
    • Integrating Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms into the NASA Earth Exchange
    • Collaborative workbench to accelerate science algorithm development
    • Cloud Enabled Scientific Collaborative Research Environment
    • A Community-Driven Workflow Recommendations and Reuse Infrastructure
  • Bring in PIs and CIs of these projects to see what they really wanted to do with these proposals
  • Projects scheduled to start in October maybe November
  • What order makes more sense NEX guys or CMAC? What should we do first?
    • Doing CMAC first to get an overview of the projects, just 10 to 15 minutes each, to see what they’re trying to accomplish
    • Dave: Can see benefits of trying to combine them
    • We’ll want to schedule it as a separate meeting or one long meeting
    • Chris: Will contact CMAC and see what the can work out

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