ESC 2012 08 20

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants Chris Lynnes, Jeff McWhirter, Brian Wee, Steve Browdy, Siri Jodha, Phil Yang

Agenda and Notes

1. Recap of ESC at the ESIP meeting

  • Hackathon, good exposure to Ramadda
  • Next time make it more structured and give a set of collaboration tasks
  • Need focused tasks
  • Two 1 1/2 hour sessions, first step by step, second have some tasks
  • Need to know who's going to be an attendee beforehand
  • Toolmatch produced most
  • What can we do to prepare for Hackathons?
  • Need two to three hours preparation
  • We're going to try some remote Hackathons for HubZero and NASA Earth Exchange
  • Integration of Ramadda with brokering solution

2. Moving forward

  • ESC and Earthcube
  • ESC voluntary, we tend to meander a little
  • ESC has a general vision
  • Instead of trying to build a system we should try to build an ecosystem, collaborating and competing components, can have more than on thing fill the niche
  • How do you grow an ecosystem, selection pressures to grow the ecosystem you wan

3. Briefing by Phil Yang on the NSF-funded I/UCRC for Spatiotemporal Thinking, Computing and Applications, possible synergy with our ESC effort

  • Carol and Erin went to center planning meeting they had last week
  • NSF program: objective promote innovative prototype research
  • Ways to help each other collaboratively
    • Natural hazards
    • To relieve scientists from IT part so they can focus on their research
    • will have about 20 projects each year to
    • spatiotemporal thinking methodologies
    • Research reports, agendas, and technology products
    • Organic approaches, are you trying to develop a research community around the technology?
    • Interaction between technology and community is the organic piece
    • Not everything has to be open source in a collaborative environment
    • T4: have you put any thought into what is that knowledge?
    • ESC: knowledge needs to be broken loose from paper publications
      • if I have an article I want to be able to link data
      • digital artifacts that are a product of the paper
      • knowledge linked with tools and data

4. Ideas before January meeting

  • send in ideas for activities for investigation
    • Hubzero
    • NASA earth exchange
    • Clean up what we have on amazon site and export it to Ramada site (Jeff)
    • Computational modeling

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