ESC 2012 05 21

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Chris Lynnes David Fulker Jeff Whirter Don Murray Anne Wilson Emily Law Curt Tilmes Hook Hau Erin Robinson Angela Murillo


  • Find a tool for testing collaboration capabilities in hackathon

- Look through a few frameworks - Ramada & HubZero were the two tools we looked today


  • Presenters:

Jeff McWhirter: RAMADDA’s author and UNACVO contractor Don Murray: RAMADDA user and a scientist at NOAA (live demo) Dave Fulker: organizer, no agenda, thought it would inform the discussion for the hackathon

Highlights from Presentation:

  • Installation:

- Can build it from source or a standalone version - Sits on top of a database

  • Ramada is a framework

- 30 or 40 plug-ins

  • Functions

- Files, folders, access permissions, user specific control, can be ip address based - Search: simple text, spatial, temporal, faceted metadata and interface included as API - Ingest, harvests metadata - Mix of traditional collaboratory combined with data and data repository - Can remote search other RAMADDA servers


- (original site) - simulate: originally designed for simulation, share and publish - tool sharing - (earthquake engineering simulation hub) - (volcanology hub): courses, tools, datasets,

  • Probably a good amount of work to get a tool into a form that’s useful, however there are dozens of tools
  • Suggest to try to get own image in hubzero and attempt to search one of own tools
  • Integration of tools especially remotely seems interesting


  • draw comparisons between the two tools

- tools with a grid & extensibility features


  • Tier 1: Hackathon centered around Ramada

- Type of tool that even regular users will be able to sit down and use - User using Ramada for publish, analyze, republish, connecting

  • Tier 2: Software Creation

- Try to generate a plug-in or two for Ramada - Ramadda API - Write a search client

  • Tier 3: Hubzero

- Integrate a tool into Hubzero

  • Would have to decide how many of these items we can do based on who comes to the workshop


  • Where would we put Ramada

- A number of options, could run it off someone’s computer or everyone could install on their laptops, might be best to also have a centralized server that everyone could upload their work to. - Two other clusters already using one of the hubs, we could have an account set up through Erin - Possibility for federation in Ramada


  • Write up a more detailed description of how we’re going to run the hackathon (Chris will take lead)
  • Will leave placeholders for Jeff, Don, and Hook to help fill in information