ESC 2011 12 19

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Finalize plan for ESC Charrette

  • Current plan is to focus on extracting desired features. For each proposed feature, we should seek to elicit what the feature will enable, thus also adding to our User Stories body of knowledge.

Thus the key question to finalize for the Charrette is: how to actually run the session.

  • Start with EC Charrette features: look at overlap with ESC, benefits, reuse, etc.
  • Brian: Science use cases would have been useful in the charrette. e.g., radiative transfer case. Show use cases as columns, features as rows, then look for emergent patterns. Good activity after charrette.

Finalize Plan for ESIP Winter Meeting session: "Four pronged approach to Earth Science Collaboratory"

  • Emily: Each area should have their own telecons, plus joint telecon(s) for coordination. Monthly / twice monthly? Coordination quarterly, bimonthly? Hmmm...task plan may also influence frequency.
  • Upcoming plans (40 minutes?)

We already have two proposed activities that we can hopefully schedule for the month following the ESIP meeting: (1) In the Technical area: a hack-a-thon over WebEx based on the EuroGEOSS broker, and (2) In the User Story area: a proposed story about collaborative analysis of radiative transfer models and observations

  • Emily: Each area and whole should have a task plan. Identify goals of each area, roadmap, task plan, milestones, outputs. Outline to start, but if we have time during, let's get started... Four areas need to also think about how to coordinate amongst each other. Make milestones match up.
  • Brian Wee: will start NEON series targeting early career scientists: seminars / discussions. Can we do something involving ESC? Look for publications related to ESC...could get these early-career folks