ESC 2011 09 19

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

EarthCube Paper:

  • EarthCube site for discussion and submission is
  • Our White Paper needs an Executive Summary
  • Given the breakdown on topics on the Ning site, ESIP may submit this Technology paper, plus a Governance paper
  • AI: ESIP higher-ups (ExCom? Carol?) consider authoring a 1-pg paper on Governance.
  • AI: Everyone - read Discovery white paper, discuss if desired, please "sign" (using ~~~~)
  • AI: Chris Lynnes - write Executive Summary for Discovery white paper

Ideas for Winter Meeting sessions

  • Erin: link up with student fellows, working on a half day track centered around climate, including how clusters can work better
  • AI: Chris Lynnes - reach out to student fellows about (1) participation in ESC Cluster and (2) what kind of help they might need
  • User Story Session: focus on a specific, real-life collaboration we would like to enable/facilitate
    • AI: Cluster - propose specific collaborations
  • Technical Session: Possible demonstration or development within the Products and Services Testbed (Ken K.)
  • Programmatic Session: Invite key program managers to give us advice on how to move the project forward
    • Alternative proposed to Visioneers: panel discussion among program managers (NASA, NOAA, EPA, NSF, ...)
  • Organizational Session: Recap EarthCube Charrette ideas and outcomes, figure out how we fit in with them, and replan accordingly
  • Organizational Session: Figure out how to make progress along all four dimensions (programmatic, social, technical and user story) without losing focus or splintering
    • e.g., form subgroups with regular tag-ups
    • an "organization" that enables emergent and recombinant development. (Would this mirror how a real ESC would need to self-organize? Is this even feasible?)
  • Special Speaker: Author of the Understanding Infrastructure report (pdf). Mark suggests Steve Jackson.
  • Technical Session: Hackathon based on a current collaboration platform (e.g., NEX,, ManyEyes, ...]
  • Technical Session: ESC Architecture/Design Charette (

N.B.: This is too many sessions for a single ESIP meeting.

AI: Chris Lynnes - put out poll to see which ideas draw interest