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Data System Name: EPA AIRQuest Data Warehouse
Data System URL: http://airquest.epa.gov
Contact Person: Phil Dickerson
Contact e-mail: dickerson.phil@epa.gov


About the Data System (Purposes, Audience)

The audience, at present, is INTERNAL EPA analysts, application builders, and data integrators. AIRQuest was constructed as a true data warehouse, built to integrate data from various source data systems, to enable complete air quality analyses from a single system. AIRQuest harvests data from AQS, NEI, and AIRNow, integrating that data spatially and temporally. It also features datasets outside of EPA that are useful for analysis -- meteorological, census, etc.


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AIRQuest evolved from an OAQPS internal need for access to integrated data, without having to comb through a variety of source data systems. The vision was to develop a single source of high-quality, integrated, and up-to-date data, thereby allowing analysts to do their jobs without having to visit a myriad of sources and perform their own integration. Another important concept was that of "one answer", i.e. a warehouse codified business processes such that each analysis can be done consistently and with reproducible results.



List of Publications, Papers, Presentations

Data System Scope

Data Content

Datasets Served

AQS, NEI, AIRNow, MODIS, GASP, meterological, census, REMSAD model runs, GIS layers


All criteria pollutants, standard meterological measurements, complete demographics

Spatial - Temporal Coverage

Temporal varies with dataset, but 10 years of AQS, latest NEI inventory, etc. Spatial coverage is entire US at county level



Exposure for sensitive populations; analysis

Forecasting and Reanalysis

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Model/Emissions Evaluation

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Characterization, Trends, Accountability

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Data System IT

Primary/Official Store for Some data


Data Consolidation/integration

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Providing Data Access to users/externals

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Data Processing

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Decision Support (e.g. some integration into user business process)

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End-to-End Integration

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Other DS Values

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Data Access and/or Output Interoperability

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Reusable Tools and Methods

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Security Barriers and Solutions

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User Feedback Approach

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Other Architecture

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