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Emily Law Data Systems and Technology Deputy Program Manager, NASA/JPL, Caltech, CA.

I, Emily Law, hereby declare my candidacy for the President of the ESIP Federation. What a privilege to serve as the President this year. Million thanks! I am very grateful for the opportunity to come to know many of you more and to learn a lot while being entrusted with this leadership duty. I believe that I have grown side by side with the Federation. Being able to re-run for the presidency is truly an honor. If being re-elected into this position again, I will continue doing my best to serve ESIP and its Board. I will commit to make every effort in working closely with the Vice President, Executive Director, other officers as well as the staff and the community to strengthen ESIP’s success and increase its capabilities. I will strive to work for the betterment of ESIP, as we look forward to transitioning into a simplified single organization by merging the Foundation and the Federation, as well as to a new beginning. I will pledge to work openly and cooperatively with all ESIP participants to contribute in ways that count and make a difference. Thank you for giving me this amazing year, and the opportunity to seek a second term. I hope to continue to serve all of you again. I appreciate each and every one of you, and all you have done for ESIP. Thanks again for your support of my nomination!