EDAC Metadata

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico

EDAC has been generating and publishing FGDC metadata records for over a decade and as a result has a substantial collection of (primarily GIS data related) metadata records in a variety for formats that are published in a variety of ways.

Contact Person

Karl Benedict

(505) 277-3622 x234

kbene at edac.unm.edu

Types of Metadata

  • DIF: a small number of DIF records generated for registration into GCMD
  • Other: agency supplied ascii text metadata is a variety of formats, containing varied data documentation

Approximate number of Metadata Records

  • FGDC: ~11,000
  • Other: unknown

Rate at which Metadata are being created/added

  • Irregularly, but on average 10-20/month. Occasionally large numbers of records are added when a new large data collection is added to our clearinghouse (for example >7500 FGDC XML metadata records recently added for a statewide DOQQ data acquisition)

Locally hosted metadata services

  • Z39.50
  • Web-accessible directory
  • Customized XSLT/SOAP metadata rendering service

External Metadata Registries

  • FGDC Clearinghouse Node (Z39.50)
  • Geospatial OneStop Web Accessible Directory
  • NBII
  • GCMD (a small number of records)