ECHO Web Services Regstration - Hands-on work with the technologies

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Presenter: Andrew Mitchell, ECHO Operations Manager, NASA ESDIS

ECHO Extended Services are functional capabilities offered by the Earth Science community that are not native to ECHO which are published to the ECHO Registry. These services can be many different things, from dedicated machines that transform or reduce the size of data, to innovative algorithms for discovering data that is relevant to particular research topics, to offerings by organizations to gather in situ data. ECHO is designed to support 4 service types, e.g., Web Service Interfaces, Web Service Implementations, Web Service GUIs and Advertisements. ECHO provides interfaces and mechanisms that allow organizations to publish their services and correlate their service to the service types in the clearinghouse.

This workshop will provide a hands-on, interactive training in registering Web Services in ECHO.

For more information contact: Andrew Mitchell ( 301-614-5189

Duration: 2 hr