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AeroCom working group DUST


Ginoux, Balkanski, Mahowald, Schulz, Miller, Tegen, Zender, Winker, Mann, Takemura, (Textor)

- NEXT Telephone conference: probably march 07, organised from NCAR


Investigate the possible climate impact of anthropogenic dust sources
Compare dust simulations to multiple observational datasets
Recommend properties for dust size and refractive index

Short term actions

- Provide specifications for a land use related dust source to be implemented by participating modellers (Mahowald)
- Pull out of dust variables for one AeroCom model (Schulz)
- passed on to R. Miller for initial testing of Cakmur analysis
- establish an observational database beyond Cakmur et al and AeroCom
- revisit HTAP dust experiment design (see MS email to AeroCom in Dec)
- eventually come together at AGU Acapulco conference in May 2007
- suggest input for C. Zender for Perrugia conference

List of Observational data to be included in analysis

Al in ocean water


IDDI index

Satellite AOD in dust dominated regions (MISR, MODIS, TOMS, DEEPBLUE-MODIS, CALIPSO, Aeronet, Calipso)

Coarse mode satellite derived AOD in dust regions?

Deposition DIRTMAP, Fe, Ca in rain

Surface concentrations Aeroce, Asian network

Refractive index and size in literature

Processes and possible Diagnostics

Dust erosion - wind frequency and speed ; threshold velocities; effective source fluxes; source size distribution

Dust settling - dry removal velocities per size bin;

Wet Dust removal - wet scavenging efficients; vertical distribution; wet deposition of Calcium, dust;

Scattering and absorption - refractive index; AOD; size; absorption

Sink repartitioning among AeroCom models Figure taken from Textor et al., ACP 2006