Drupalcon Austin 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Do you or one of your team members work with Drupal? Or would they like to know more about Drupal?

The ESIP Drupal Working Group has the opportunity to sponsor two(2) ESIP members to attend the upcoming Drupalcon Austin 2014 conference June 2-6 in Austin, TX. Winners receive up to $1,500 of support granted as reimbursement.

Deadline for entry: March 21st @ 11:59 EST

WInners will be announced at: http://www.randompicker.com/protocol/70453x26343


Drupalcon Austin 2014 Information

Who is eligible?

  1. Must belong to an ESIP member organization (http://esipfed.org/esip-member-list)
  2. Willing to report out on the conference at an ESIP Drupal WG Telecon (June/July 2014)

How do I enter?

Send an email to ashepherd@whoi.edu with the Subject Line: "ESIP Drupalcon Austin 2014"

Please include the following:

ESIP Member organization:


Winners will be drawn by random selection and announced on March 26th at the ESIP Drupal WG Telecon.

What is covered/reimbursable?

Funds cover airfare, hotel for the period of the conference, conference registration, Federal per diem ($71/day for Austin, TX - http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100120) less what is provided by the meeting, reasonable ground transit (metro/shuttle/parking) and baggage fees, in necessary.

ESIP has a travel agent that can book and pay for flights, and arrangements can be made for ESIP to pay for conference registration.

What is not reimbursable?

Extra trainings that requires fees on top of the registration fee. Rental cars are also not reimbursable.