Drupal Working Group Statement of Purpose

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Statement of Purpose [DRAFT]

The Drupal Working Group represents an ongoing effort by the ESIP Federation to support science software development for a broad range of end users through advanced, interactive websites developed in the Drupal content management system. The DWG supports knowledge and code sharing among ESIP member Drupal developers, and it also acts as a conduit between ESIP earth science Drupal developer efforts and the broader Drupal programmer community.

The Drupal Working Group of the ESIP Federation is where user-facing, internet-based science software for Earth science finds its home in the Federation. While the group is centrally focused on the use of the Drupal CMS, it welcomes other web development efforts, people, and frameworks. The working group has been active for only a few years, with some notable early successes. Its monthly telecons and summer Drupal Labs have produced YouTube videos with thousands of views. Its member mailing list has supported real-time answers to Drupal CMS questions within the Federation. Federation members know they can post a question to the list and get a rapid, knowledgeable answer. At the Summer DrupalLabs, ESIP members can learn from each other and from top Drupal experts.

The Drupal Working Group welcomes all ESIP Drupal developers to join and share their insights and their code.

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