Draft Survey Instrument

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Tell Us About Your Organization

1. Is your organization an ESIP Federation member?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know

2. If yes, What ESIP Type is your organization?

  • Type 1 (Type 1 ESIPs are primarily distributors of remotely sensed and ground-based data sets, as well as standardized products derived from those data.)
  • Type 2 (Type 2 ESIPs are principally in the scientific development, provision, and support of data and information products, technology, or services aimed primarily at the Earth science and research communities.)
  • Type 3 (Type 3 ESIPs are principally in the development and provision of Earth science applications.)
  • Type 4 (Type 4 ESIPs are major financial or in-kind supporters of ESIP Federation activities. Also known as "Strategic Partners.")
  • Don't know
2a. If yes, when did your organization become a member? (check one)
  • Year
  • Don't know

3. Does your organization regularly participate in ESIP Federation activities?

a. Semi-annual meetings? Yes/No
b. Committee Activities? Yes/No
c. Working Group Activities? Yes/No
d. Cluster Activities? Yes/No
e. Collaborative Projects? Yes/No

4. How many people from your organization are currently participating in ESIP Federation activities?

5. Are you the Voting Representative to the ESIP Federation Assembly for your organization? Yes/No

Mission and Vision

6. Read each statement below and select the response that most closely reflects your opinion:

Strongly Agree----Agree----Neutral----Disagree----Strongly Disagree
a. The ESIP Federation’s mission is clear.
b. The organization/structure of the ESIP Federation supports the mission.
c. The ESIP Federation is on the right path toward achieving its mission.
d. The ESIP Federation mission is appropriate for this type of organization.

7. What value do you or your organization derive from participating in the ESIP Federation? [comment box]

8. What do you or your organization view as the strengths of the ESIP Federation? [comment box]

9. What do you or your orangization view as the weaknesses of the ESIP Federation? [comment box]

10. What do you or your organization view as the particular niche of the ESIP Federation? [comment box]

11. Who do you or your organization view as the competing groups to the ESIP Federation? [comment box]

12. The current mission of the ESIP Federation is:

To establish and refine processes rooted in science and to increase the quality and value of Earth science products and services for the benefit of science and society.
a. What part of the mission should the ESIP Federation keep? [comment box]
b. What part(s) of the mission should the ESIP Federation add/change? [comment box]
c. What should the ESIP Federation look like in the future? [comment box]
d. What should the mission of the ESIP Federation be to meet this future? [comment box]

Tell Us About Your Work

13. Check all the activities you regularly do as part of your position. (Jeff Arnfield to provide list that aligns with inventory)

14. Do you classify your primary work role as:

  • technical? (should we ask for specifics under each of these options?)
  • scientific?
  • administrative/managerial?
  • other (please explain)

15. To which repositories does your organization submit data to? (check all that apply)

  • GCMD
  • ECHO
  • GOS
  • Help, Jeff, Chris
  • Don't know

16. What is the one thing the ESIP Federation can do to help you with your work?

General Questions

17. What do you see as a major priority for the ESIP Federation over the next three years? 10 years? [comment box]

18. What do you or your organization view as the ESIP Federation's primary successes? [comment box]

19. What are the primary challenges that the ESIP Federation faces? [comment box]

20. Your name & contact information: (optional) [comment box]

a. May we follow up with you regarding this survey? Yes/No