Documenting Data in Multiple Dialects

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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SubmitterName Ted Habermann
Meeting Summer 2012
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Title Documenting Data in Multiple Dialects
Abstract ESIP partners use data in many in formats and across many communities. These communities have different documentation needs and address those needs using different standards and conventions. ESIP exists at the crossroads of these communities, a natural "marketplace" where many dialects can be heard. It is a perfect place to identify needs shared across multiple communities and build understanding of how those needs are addressed. This understanding, in turn, facilitates sharing of documentation and the data they describe across communities.

This workshop will address documentation dialects used across ESIP. Candidates include ISO, FGDC, DIF, CF, ACDD, ECHO, and EML. Members of the community that can represent these dialects in the discussion are needed.

VirtualPresenters yes
VirtualParticipants yes
CollabAreas CF Standards, Decisions Discovery, Information Quality, Information Technology and Interoperability