Documentation Sessions Winter 2017

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The Documentation Cluster is collecting proposals for sessions during the the winter meeting. Please provide short descriptions here for discussion during the Oct. 24th meeting.


  • Documentation Resources on the ESIP Wiki: The ESIP wiki is an important resource for ESIP members (and others) to share information about data and metadata management and other topics of interest to the community. This session will provide a guided tour of wiki resources that are related to documentation including 1) The ISO Explorer (which is being updated for ISO 19115-1) and the Documentation Connections category that describes many documentation recommendations, dialects, and concept crosswalks.
  • Curation Efforts
    • GCMD Keywords (T. Stevens / Recommendation from K. Baynes)
      • GCMD Keywords Use in Metadata Curation
      • Community Engagement in Keyword Development
      • How the community can participate in the keyword review process
      • Recommendation communication via a poster
  • Automating your Documentation: While we all agree that good documentation is essential, and documentation efforts are crucial to improvement and creation of records, often manual approaches are not only time consuming, but soul-sucking. What are some of your tricks for automating your documentation workflow? (Ge Peng: There is a crossover and potential collaboration between this session and the proposed session:, which covers more than just automating documentation but it is of course a big part of it.)

Two initial proposals were tabled for consideration for the summer meeting

  • Metadata Improvement Lab: Using the HDF Concepts, develop a conceptual recommendation that can then be applied to participant's metadata collections and we can collect analytics about how complete an ESIP member's metadata is with respect to the recommendation we create in the session. Start with ACDD?
  • ISO Building Blocks: The ISO building blocks session will present a new approach for learning the ISO 19115-1 metadata model.  Traditional ISO training approaches present the metadata model from the top down, where complexity is maximized.  The building blocks approach introduces students to the standard from the bottom up, via small bite sized chunks.  These chunks are simple objects which are commonly used through out the metadata model.  While learning the ISO structure students will be simultaneously be exposed to XML, UML and XSL basics.  In this session an overview of this learning approach will be presented and illustrated with a few examples.