Documentation Cluster Minutes 2017-03-27

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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For Researchers: make it easier to deposit data, leading to: citations and other credit, preserve data, and avoid the publisher submission systems

Publishers get more consistent, better metadata

The helper app gives one interface for multiple publisher submissions

automates some of the process with DOI DataCite metadata as well as the author's Orcid.

Webinar Background:

What is Data2Paper?

Data2Paper is a simple ‘one-click’ process where data, metadata and methods detail are transferred from a data repository (via a SWORD-based API and a cloud-based helper app based on the Fedora/Hydra platform) to a relevant publisher platform for publication as a data paper.

Data2Paper makes the process of associating and publishing data with a detailed description easier, with corresponding citation potential and credit benefits. It supports time-poor researchers to maximize their impact, comply with funder mandates and produce research outputs that are of increasing interest to the wider community without the need to leave the research space.

Currently, we’re seeking communities of academics, repositories and journals to test the alpha service and provide feedback. We regularly attend relevant conferences and will be at the DCO International Meeting (St Andrews, March), ILIDE (Slovakia, April) and EGU (Vienna, April) over the next couple of months.

Presenters: Neil Jefferies, Head of Innovation, Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services, University of Oxford

Fiona Murphy, Senior Associate, Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd, and Associate Fellow, University of Reading


Blog post:

DataOne Webinar (from 24:45) (24:45)

(Silent) video showing real-time submission:

Preprint practice paper in Zenodo: