Documentation Cluster Minutes 2016-05-23

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Anna Milan, Ted Habermann, Sean, Lindsay, John, Ed Armstrong


  • Summer Meeting Plans
  • DROP: Metadata for Events - Tues
  • Documentation Lab - first thing Friday morning --
    • Sean demo of dashboard assessment
    • write up a blog on ESIP News (Sean), send out email to ESIP all and doc cluster lists
    • Ed wondered if it's possible to build a service for this
      • discussions about options, NASA Access proposal, ESIP testbed - deadline extended (a little open ended - possibly through June - see products and services email)
  • Anna send out email to NOAA metadata list and get samples of different types of metadata,

Annie - there will be poster boards up throughout the meeting to highlight information about the clusters --

  • Metadata Evaluation Session - Thurs morning
  • ISO Metadata session - Thurs at 11 (Steve Richard and Ted)