Documentation Cluster Minutes 2016-02-22

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Anna Milan, Matt Mayernik, Ryan Bowe, Aleksander Jelenak, Ted Habermann, Sean Gordon, John Kozimor and Lindsay Powers, The HDF Group


Summer Meeting Sessions Ideas

(will need to submit by end of March)

  1. ISO Standards update - 19115-1, -3, -2, 19157 -- complete session
  2. Demo - ESIP Documentation Resources e.g. - screen with wiki and doc cluster can answer questions
    • integrate lab, demo and wiki
  3. Metadata Lab - need something concrete to work on with 3-4 "problems" to solve with metadata, e.g. existing areas of incompleteness in areas of collections
    • ACDD focus
    • how to document events,
    • Metadata Evaluation -- integrate into lab session
  4. Metadata for Events Session - e.g. environmental events, NASA ESDSWG group looking at virtual collections that are all related to events, e.g. atom feeds for events, Kevin Ward creating a DB of events. events are spatio-temporal so metadata for events could be documented in ISO. an ISO Profile for Events can be the outcome of this session. e.g. codelists, keywords... Human events ontology, e.g. concerts
  5. ACDD Session
    • v1.3 NetCDF Templates in NCEI-MD are updated.
    • Next Generation of ACDD.
    • ACDD and HDF capabilities.
  6. software processing that outputs wiki page - could be included in ESIP wiki session
  7. help desk?
  • Is there anything related to the Big Data theme? e.g. Big Metadata?
  • There will be a session at HDF Day that talks about ISO in HDF

EMMA overview