Documentation @ ESIP Summer 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Data Quality- Gilberto Vicente

Linked Open Data, Provenance, Metadata and Standards-based Services - Strategies for Discovery, Fusion and Use- Pt. 1- Karl Benedict

Linked Open Data- Pt. 2- Karl Benedict

Information exchanges and interoperability architecture- Steve Richard

CWICSmart, IDN and CWIC - The CWIC OpenSearch Best Practices - Doug Newman

Streamlining Metadata using the CMR (ECHO & ESIP)- Katie Baynes

  1. Tyler Stevens CMR / GCMD Metadata Quality

Design and Implementation of ISO Metadata in Science Data Products- Barry Weiss

  1. Ted Habermann OCDD Introduction
  2. Barry Weiss ISO Metadata in SMAP
  3. Jeff Lee / HDF(?) Product Designer
  4. Ed Armstrong ISO Metadata at PODAAC / GHRSST

Identifying and Assessing Best Practices in Data Quality- Ge Peng

  1. Ge Peng Introduction and Maturity Metrics
  2. Ted Habermann 19157 Introduction
  3. Ed Armstrong GHRSST Data Quality - Satellite / in Situ Comparisons
  4. Aleksandar Jelenak GSICS - Satellite Intercomparisons

<MD_HackAThon>- Anna Milan

A survey will be done asking people which section of ISO they are interested in discussing. Could be general or focused.