From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Feb 22, 2016

Attendees: Anna Milan, Matt Mayernik, Ryan Bowe

Aleksander Jelenak, Ted Habermann, Sean Gordon, John Kozimor and Lindsay Powers, The HDF Group


  • Summer Meeting Sessions Ideas (submit by end of March)
  1. ISO Standards update - 19115-1, -3, -2, 19157 -- complete session
  2. Demo - ESIP Documentation Resources e.g. - screen with wiki and doc cluster can answer questions
    • integrate lab, demo and wiki
  3. Metadata Lab - need something concrete to work on with 3-4 "problems" to solve with metadata, e.g. existing areas of incompleteness in areas of collections
    • ACDD focus?
    • how to document events,
    • Metadata Evaluation -- integrate into lab session
  4. Metadata for Events Session - e.g. environmental events, NASA ESDSWG group looking at virtual collections that are all related to events, e.g. atom feeds for events, Kevin Ward creating a DB of events. events are spatio-temporal so metadata for events could be documented in ISO. an ISO Profile for Events can be the outcome of this session. e.g. codelists, keywords... Human events ontology, e.g. concerts
    • events for instruments in 19115-2
  5. ACDD Session - one of the metadata problems?
    • v1.3 NetCDF Templates in NCEI-MD are updated.
    • Next Generation of ACDD.
    • ACDD and HDF capabilities.

Is there anything related to the Big Data theme? e.g. Big Metadata? There will be a session at HDF Day? that talks about ISO in HDF

-- software processing that outputs wiki page - could be included in ESIP wiki session -- help desk?

  • EMMA overview - (AMilan)
    • discussion about JSON and XML