Discovery Telecon 2014-04-08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT


  • Doug Newman
  • Aleksandar Jelenak
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Stephen Richard
  • Tyler Stevens
  • Mike Morahan

Previous Action Items

  • Invite Thomas Cherry, Tyler Stevens and Mike Morahan (UMM) to next meeting (Doug)
  • Finalize what is now the ESIP Best Practices document (Doug) File:ESIP OpenSearch Best Practices.docx
  • Investigate Xlink solution for expanding descriptive qualities of atom:link (like the OpenDAP extension) (Doug)

Looking at the atom spec: 4.2.7. The "atom:link" Element

  The "atom:link" element defines a reference from an entry or feed to
  a Web resource.  This specification assigns no meaning to the content
  (if any) of this element.
  atomLink =
     element atom:link {
        attribute href { atomUri },
        attribute rel { atomNCName | atomUri }?,
        attribute type { atomMediaType }?,
        attribute hreflang { atomLanguageTag }?,
        attribute title { text }?,
        attribute length { text }?,

Where undefinedContent is undefinedContent = (text|anyForeignElement)* Based on this is allowable to add a child to link as long as it is namespaced to something other than ATOM.

  • Prepare proposals for Summer 2014 ESIP meeting sessions wrt discovery (deadline for submissions is April 15th) (All)
* ECHO would like to do an 'ECHO and ESIP' presentation where we describe our progress on our
  * OpenSearch API
  * Semantic web support
* CWICSmart presentation

Action Items

  • Presentations for summer ESIP meeting
 * Tyler - GCMD OpenSearch
 * Ruth - direction of Arctic Data Explorer
 * Doug - ESIP and ECHO, CWICSmart, CWIC Best Practices for OpenSearch
  • Comments on RFC?


  1. Discuss proposals for Summer 2014 ESIP meeting sessions wrt discovery
  2. Review RFC
  3. User cases for :Discovery mandate: Jump in front with a simple, demonstrable concept and gather entities in.
  4. CWICSmart demo @