Discovery Telecon 2014-03-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Tuesday, March 11, 2014. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT


  • Doug Newman
  • Aleksander Jelenak
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Nga Quach
  • Ruth Duerr

Previous Action Items

  • None. NEW BROOM!

Action Items

  • Invite Thomas Cherry, Tyler Stevens and Mike Morahan (UMM) to next meeting (Doug)
  • Finalize what is now the ESIP Best Practices document (Doug)
  • Investigate Xlink solution for expanding descriptive qualities of atom:link (like the OpenDAP extension) (Doug)
  • Prepare proposals for Summer 2014 ESIP meeting sessions wrt discovery (deadline for submissions is April 15th) (All)


  1. New leadership. Chris Lynnes and Hook Hua have handed over the reigns of the ESIP Discovery Cluster to Ruth Duerr and Doug Newman.
  2. status of Discovery RPC
  3. Alignment with OGC specifications and CEOS/CWIC Best Practices


  * New technologies concept needed (Ruth)
  * OpenSearch document should become a Best Practices trunk document (Chris)
  * The ESIP OpenSearch effort should be categorized as test bed for new ideas, OpenDAP etc. Feed into other specs where appropriate.
  * The following amendments will be made to the document
     * WKT subset description as per OGC/CWIC Best Practices
     * User 'via' relation for metadata links
     * xlink element as child of atom:link to provide extra information about link properties. Like OpenDAP. Investigate the feasibility of this
  * Discovery mandate: Jump in front with a simple, demonstrable concept and gather entities in. 
  * Invite Thomas Cherry, Tyler, Mike Morahan (UMM)
  * Semantic Web coordination on markup. Maintain engagement wrt discovery.
  * Due date for proposals April 15th, next meeting April 8th. So decide what we will commit to at summer ESIP meeting.