Discovery Telecon 2013-04-09

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Tuesday, April 9, 2013. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT


  • Eric Rozell
  • Erin Robinson
  • Christine White
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua
  • Call-in User_2 (Bianca?)
  • Call-in User_4
  • Yonsook Enloe
  • Steve Aulenbach
  • Nga Chung
  • Ruth Duerr

Previous Action Items

  • Christine White - Look into the RFC to see how much is already implemented in the GeoPortal

Action Items

  • Chris - Add diagram to RFC for recursive search
  • Chris will send around a poll to see if we all can agree to submit
  • Christine will talk to dev team / try out a few things in GeoPortal regarding RFC; will write up a summary
  • Chris - send out Google Doc to brainstorm sessions on
  • All - continue to brainstorm session ideas for Discovery


  • RFC - ready to submit?
  • Keeping current with related efforts (OGC, CEOS)
  • Ideas for ESIP Summer Sessions? Ideas so far:
    • validator service for Discovery RFC.
    • ESIP Discovery cookbook recipes.
  • GeoPortal 2-Step Client Support


RFC - Ready to Submit?

  • Is the two-step search process clear in the RFC?
  • SPG Validation process will want to know what's implemented
  • Still need version number, but that's irrelevant to the clients
  • At the granule-level search, the dataset ID has already been replaced by the search engine
  • Ruth and Brian have already both created aggregators that query across multiple top-level OpenSearch endpoints
  • Chris will send around a poll to see if we all can agree to submit
  • Christine will talk to dev team / try out a few things in GeoPortal regarding RFC; will write up a summary

Keep Current With Related Efforts

  • Where are OGC going with OpenSearch efforts?
  • Discovery cluster will be involved for
  • SEOS CSW interface will provide a granule search to granule catalog at NASA, NOAA, and other international agencies
  • European data providers are using a different protocol for search
  • How to provide access to US agency as well as European data providers, the agreed upon standard would use OpenSearch
  • ESIP Federation OpenSearch as well as OGC OpenSearch will be incorporated (and hopefully the European search standard).
  • OpenSearch doesn't care what the name of the URL parameter is (only the templates matter), in the OGC spec, they also standardize URL parameter.
  • There will likely be another version of the OGC OpenSearch standard, so they may change this in the future

Ideas for ESIP Summer Sessions

  • validator service for Discovery RFC.
  • ESIP Discovery cookbook recipes.
  • NASA travel guidelines have changed
  • Meeting must meet 6 criteria for approval to attend meeting
  • Most pertinent is that if there is anyway to attend remotely, you must attend remotely
  • Effects the kinds of sessions that should be planned for
  • Hands-on workshops are harder to hold remotely
  • Does it make sense to have any workshops, as it will be more like a Webex telecon
  • How many people on the Discovery call expect to be in North Carolina?
    • No responses (perhaps one from ESRI, plus one, maybe two others)
  • Step back, how can the Webex meetings be more productive?
    • Giovanni workshop was without audio, all the conversations were given in the chat
    • Prototype the audio-off meeting at the next telecom?
    • Within W3C working group, chats are done in real time
    • When everything is documented, everything is more formal
    • Just talking is very interactive, but less formal (psychologically)
    • On Webex, you have to wait to talk, chat is more immediate (or order doesn't matter as much)
    • Visual cues may be missing from these telecoms
    • W3C IRC queue is how you get a chance to speak
  • Two variants on a typical Webex (formal and less formal)
    • Chat
    • W3C like speaking queue
  • Topics for Summer Sessions?
    • Validator Service for Discovery RFC
    • Cookbook recipes for ESIP OpenSearch servers/clients
      • API for search and access?
    • What kind of medium will foster more interaction?
      • Otherwise, many will have the meeting "running in the background" while doing daily work
    • Review Grand Challenges from Winter Meeting (offline) to brainstorm

GeoPortal 2-Step Client Support

An action item for tomorrow's telecon was that Christine was going to update us on GeoPortal client support for adhering to the 2-step discovery mechanism of Discovery RFC. How much effort and possible funding from P&S?

Christine sent questions to Chris and Hook…

  • Update Discovery GeoPortal, should it support everything in the RFC, or check for compliance?
  • GeoPortal is more of an advertising billboard (e.g., a showroom window)
  • Wouldn't have to support everything, but at least the basics (e.g., two-step granule search).
  • RFC covers optional and required baseline (baseline is intentionally simplistic)
  • Compliance tool should test both baseline and optional.
  • "Showroom tool" only really needs baseline
  • Register your endpoint at GeoPortal, users search through GeoPortal client
  • Paste OSDD URL in GeoPortal is the simplest approach to registering
  • Integrate APIs through GeoPortal
  • Were Christine and Ruth working on an aggregation capability?
  • Basic scenario… ECHO top-level OSDD, cut-and-paste URL in GeoPortal, GeoPortal parses template and lets user make selection for URL values, can then "click-through" the dataset to find all the granules matching that top-level dataset…
  • Also considered 3-step because the GeoPortal also allows discovery of endpoints that are out there
  • GEOS Common Infrastructure is another registration mechanism
  • The GeoPortal could provide an OpenSearch service that searched over an aggregate of ESIP Discovery top-level OpenSearch services
  • This falls outside of the RFC, as the RFC only covers the response elements
  • Back to using the GeoPortal to showcase the RFC, what are the possibilities of getting P&S funding?
  • top-level OpenSearch -> Collection Level -> Granule Level