Discovery Telecon 2012-10-09

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Chris Lynnes
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Ken Keiser
  • Eric Rozell
  • Aleksandar Jelenak
  • Nga Chung

Action Items

  • [All] send questions/comments/proposed contributions on RFC to mailing list
  • [Chris] Find out if Christine is attending the Winter meeting.
  • [Chris] Contact Erin and find out if there's more information on the theme.
  • [Chris] Send out proposed abstract for "grand challenges" session at winter meeting.
  • [Chris] Spawn discussion about whether a business meeting is needed
  • [TODO] Schedule make-up meeting for November to discuss DCPs (Tuesday, Oct. 30)
  • [TODO] Get an update from Christine and find out when the GeoPortal server can go into production.

Previous Action Items


  1. Debrief on Visioneers Committee: Grand Challenges
  2. Updates on the ESIP Discovery RFC
  3. Winter Meeting Brainstorming Session

Potential Topics for Winter Meeting

  • Grand Challenge use case design and solutions outlines
  • Misc. Business
    • GeoPortal validation tutorials


1) Debrief on Visioneers Committee: Grand Challenges

  • Final theme: From Climate Assessment to Intelligence to Action
  • This is the "use case set" to consider with
  • What about federation/discovery fits within this "grand-challenge" theme?
  • Discovery is mostly focused on data, but it could also be used for documents documents…
  • Curt Tilmes could be useful in making the jump from documents to data
  • Ruth has a NSF proposal in this space, but still very "theoretical"

2) Updates on the ESIP Discovery RFC

  • Chris has been pulling content from the DCPs into the RFC
  • Authors of the DCPs are included as authors of the RFC
  • Copyright issues… will need to do some kind of hybrid Creative Commons license
  • Requests for input:
    • Should there be a diagram for recursive OpenSearch queries? (Follow up, Event trace or block diagram)?
  • Would like to finish by end of October
  • Chris will be sending frequent updates to Discovery list and also "pre-external" reviewers

3) Winter Meeting Brainstorming Session

  • Spend the meeting outlining the use case from the visioneers theme
  • Use the rest of the time to outline a direction for the solution
  • Plan a hack-a-thon for the July meeting to help solve the grand challenge
  • Sometimes group gets too far off track discussing near term solutions, but thats also one of the strong points…
  • Would it be a good idea to do an NDA to ensure people don't steal each others ideas?
  • Other ideas that don't fit in with the theme? (or preferably do?)
    • When to move the GeoPortal server into production? This could probably be handled in a telecon meeting
    • At the face to face, could have a walkthrough/tutorial on validating OpenSearch services and -casting feeds