Discovery Telecon 2012-09-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Anne Wilson
  • Erin Robinson
  • Bob Downs
  • Brian Wilson
  • Nga Chung
  • James Gallagher
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua

Past Action Items

  • None from last month's notes... anyone recall any?


Topic #1: DCP's

  • Update to DCP on versioning: ready for vote
  • DCP on best practices: almost ready for vote
  • DCP-8: close to being ready
  • Plan to discuss DCP-8 and (hopefully) RFC DCP at the October telecon

Topic #2: SPG RFC (aka DCP 10)

  • Schedule for putting together RFC
  • Soliciting co-authors…
  • RFC will be discussed through DCP process
  • Could be used to construct validators
  • Should we have schema? schematron?

Topic #3: Winter meeting

  • Proposed: a brainstorming session early in week, planning session later in week. All in favor?
  • BUT, not too early to start throwing ideas into the brainstorming pile
  • Should tie it in with the Visioneers: grand challenges
    • E.g., satisfying the long tail
  • Discuss in detail at November telecon

Topic #4: New business, anyone?

  • Earth Cube Broker Hack-a-thon (Christine)
    • Thanks to Discovery Cluster for loaning the Discovery Geoportal for the hack-a-thon
    • Hack-a-thon resulted in a number of enhancements - namely usability when registering resources, and how to carve up collections vs. granules (e.g., THREDDS, imagery, Census data)
    • Now, Discovery geoportal is available for continuing our investigation - workflows discussed at Summer Meeting
    • ATOM 1.0 validation has been implemented via xsd
    • Also - Discovery geoportal has out-of-the-box capabilities for creating metadata. Christine discussed with Products & Services Cluster the possibility of finding a home for the application on the ESIP Portal site, so more ESIP members can have access to a metadata creation tool


Topic #1: DCP's

Topic #2: SPG RFC

Topic #3: Winter meeting

Topic #4: New business, anyone?