Discovery Telecon 2011-11-08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Action Items

  • Hook: Send out a Doodle poll to coordinate testbed requirements telecon
  • Chris, Brian, Hook, Ruth: Send pressure points to Carol and Erin


  • Chris Lynnes
  • Curt Tilmes
  • Eric Rozell
  • Hook Hua
  • Carol Meyer
  • Ken Keiser
  • Christine White
  • Jeff Mcwhirter
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Brian Wilson


  1. GeoPortal presentation from Christine White
  2. Debrief of EarthCube charette
  3. Status of Winter Session planning
  4. Next Steps for DCP-3


GeoPortal presentation from Christine White

  • Demo of other organizations that have implemented the Geoportal
  • Is typically customized for each organizations
  • Some Organizations
    • Missouri
    • NOAA (NCDC)
    • EPA
    • NOAA (Interagency Working Group)
    • Lombardia
    • Abu Dhabi (localization capabilities)
    • Internat'l Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
  • (open source disribution of Geoportal)
    • Apache license
  • Out of the box functionality
    • Roles: anonymous (search), publishers (contribute services), administrators (reviews publishers contributions)
    • Getting "stuff" into the Geoportal
      • Create metadata manually (out of the box, DC, ISO 19115, other customizable metadata editors)
      • Upload metadata file
      • Register resource on network (put a link to URL, ArcGIS, OAI, THREDDS, etc.)
    • Can you add additional types, such as OpenSearch?
      • OpenSearch falls under the URL Protocol Type
    • Can you differentiate the URL Protocols, e.g., DataCasting, ServiceCasting protocols
      • Would likely require changes to the back-end.
    • What about THREDDS?
      • Getting NCIC metadata from the OPeNDAP endpoint
    • The Federated Search list allows the user to configure the sources used
    • You can also decide how often the Geoportal requests updates from service metadata
    • You can only select up to five sources for federated search
      • Limited for performance reasons with the Geoportal interface
    • Can you expose the query to Geoportal as OpenSearch?
    • The purpose of DataCasting and ServiceCasting is to avoid registration
  • What is the role of a Geoportal testbed for the Discovery cluster?
  • DataCasting and ServiceCasting are seeking aggregators for there casts.
    • Looking to "federate out" the capabilities with casting specs, not seeking a single registry
  • Relies on aggregators to read the metadata, rather than filling out forms for metadata
    • Christine sees the need for OpenSearch based on this aggregator idea
  • Wrap-up for demo
    • Can we set up another telecon for defining requirements of testbeds?
    • The main point is, can OpenSearch casting specs fit in the Geoportal.
    • Hook will set up a Doodle poll for Geoportal drill-down and requirements definition for testbed.
      • We should revisit the RFP for the testbed in this meeting

Debrief of EarthCube charette

  • Multiple ESIP attendees
  • Process was wide open to start, with capabilities defined
  • A full-day spent on barriers to implementing EarthCube capabilities
  • NSF did not discuss how it would like to leverage the things it already funds (NEON, GEON, DataONE, IRIS, etc.)
  • Those with large NSF positions will likely be the ones granted the EAGER grants
  • Significant amount of openness of collaboration
  • ESIP got a lot of positive "play", from members rather than the core committees
  • ESIP has been invited to participate on EAGER proposals
  • Likely to see the large systems argue that EarthCube should be built off of their existing systems
  • NSF likely to fund 5 or 6 EAGER grants
  • Some groups planning on stringing proposals together
  • Tim Killeen will be speaking at winter meeting, likely to leave NSF, no guarantee EarthCube will continue after Tim Killeen is gone
  • Are the EAGER grants part of a "down-select" for future EarthCube proposals?
  • Other programs outside of EarthCube will probably be used to support EarthCube
  • Any feedback or actions for Discovery/ESC from the whitepaper submissions?
    • Next step is to try to get on with EAGER proposal teams
    • Alternatively, try to assemble a Discovery/ESC team that could be plugged into teams closer to NSF
  • Is the outcome of the charrette available yet?
    • Does not look like the two-pagers are posted yet
    • The capabilities list is posted
  • ESIP is trying to avoid competing with its members
    • The best thing for ESIP to do is to enable sharing/exchange of knowledge and technology towards a solution
    • ESIP will not be building something like EarthCube, rather bringing together members to build it
  • The charrettes seemed to be mostly self-serving

Status of Winter Session planning

  • Put out the survey for Winter Sessions
  • Two clear topics stood out
    • Interoperability for OGC services
    • Interoperability for OpenSearch in various types of casting
      • e.g., forming relations between casts
  • Will also probably need a planning session
    • Two sessions allotted for planning and breakout (1.5 hr ea)
    • Should we swap breakout and planning session?
      • It could probably work either way
  • There is still room for more slots
  • Schedule Links:
  • Conflicts
    • Data Preservation
    • ESC
    • Semantic Web demos
  • Brian is willing to run a session on OpenSearch interoperability for types of casting
  • Should the ESC charrette be updated to plenary status?
  • Suggestion:
    • swap breakout and planning session
    • in a less formal capacity, meet to continue breakout work during business meeting
  • Wait on changes for pressure points for 24 hours (may be axing a plenary)
  • Send potential changes and pressure points to Erin

Next Steps for DCP-3