Discovery Telecon 2011-10-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Action Items


  • Chris Lynnes
  • Christine White
  • Erin Robinson
  • James Gallagher
  • Bob Downs
  • Eric Rozell
  • Ken Keiser
  • Christine White
  • Hook Hua
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Brian Wilson
  • Call-in User 6
  • Call-in User 8
  • Call-in User 9


EarthCube white paper status and plan

Since last month's Discovery and ESC telecons, there have been some new information on the whitepaper posted:

Also, we can see the white papers submitted so far:

Hook had signed up to finished the governance section (just posted).

There is longer version:

And a shorter version:

Meeting Notes

  • Mark Parsons made major revisions (we weren't really following the charette call)
  • Chris: are we ready to submit the whitepaper?
    • Hook: can look at others submissions on the EarthCube website, most other submissions were closer to 10 pages
    • Bob made minor revisions this morning ("wordsmithing")
    • Does the sign on statement mean you agree or made modifications, sign to larger or smaller?
      • Signing means you agree, sign to smaller section
    • Should try to get the whitepaper in this week
    • ACTION ITEM: Ruth will submit whitepaper
    • What's the best way to submit?
      • Create PDF or link to wiki?
      • One person linked to Google Doc.
    • All minor changes should be made by 4 MST Wednesday Oct 12, 2011
  • To sign the document: an asterisk (for bullet) and insert 4 tildas at the bottom of wiki page
  • Who will present the whitepaper?
    • The following cannot present: Chris, Ruth, Hook, Brian
    • The following may be attending: (Erin or Carol), Christine, Rahul
  • Where is the charrette?
    • Arlington

Plans for awarded Discovery Testbed implementation

Meeting Notes

  • Discovery cluster submitted testbed to ESIP Products and Services committee
    • Awarded to ESRI, lead by Christine White
  • What could ESRI do that would be useful for the ESIP discovery cluster?
    • What are the goals?
    • What are the success criteria?
  • Christine can present status/progress at Winter Meeting
  • Solicitation was about...
    • Testbed for interoperability testing
    • Used for advertising ESIP community services
    • Services to data broker (identifies services that are compatible with data) ("Icing on the cake")
  • ESRI's response:
    • Responded to 3 of the tasks, selected for task 2
    • using open source GeoPortal server software as a base
      • can be extended/modified/etc. without concern
    • Some of the RFP features are available out of the box (GeoRSS/Atom results)
    • Development would be useful for orgs outside of ESIP
    • the hours of the project will be billed for conversations with ESIP, development will be paid for by ESRI
    • ESRI gets first-hand information/use cases for developing this data portal
    • Cluster gets a useful testbed for advertising services/datasets, etc. for RFP
  • What sort of impact should the RFP have on Discovery Cluster? What can be coordinated by ESRI?
    • Anyone using GeoPortal automatically cast datasets?
      • All providers using GeoPortal can be aggregated using data casting standards.
    • Is it possible to get "automatic" casting from GeoPortal?
    • Ruth clarifies casting from GeoPortal.
  • What is the best way for cluster to collaborate with ESRI?
    • Ruth: NSIDC can talk to ESRI about what the GeoPortal should have (i.e., casting capabilities)
    • Hook: what about the OpenSearch front-end, GeoPortal has uses OpenSearch...
    • Chris: seeking a "standing" server where people can write and test OpenSearch clients
    • Christine: GeoPortal can be used to register data and services, it can also be an endpoint for testing clients
    • Chris: would the GeoPortal server respond to OpenSearch request
      • Christine: it should
    • GeoPortal is not the interface at
    • Hook: suggests a starting point - a place for community members to register OpenSearch services, casting services, etc.
      • GeoPortal can be used to register and search services
    • Christine offered to give a demo of a "vanilla" GeoPortal server
      • This can be a topic of next month's telecon.
    • Christine will coordinate with Hook and Brian to produce an interesting demo
  • What is the timeline for the work?
    • ESRI is flexible on the timeline (response was to have work completed within one year)
  • What are the success criteria?

ESRI GeoPortal Source: [1]

ESIP 2012 Winter session planning

  • What are the Discovery Cluster topics?
    • One topic may be a recap of the charrette, joint breakout of discovery and ESC
    • Basic planning meeting, to plan goals for the next six months
      • Discuss plans for moving forward on the testbed
    • Workshop/breakout for GeoPortal demo or progress report
    • Need titles, main speakers, short abstract by next week for scheduling a winter meeting session
  • Proposed Sessions
    • a face-to-face meeting for wrapping up DCPs
      • New DCPs
        • DCP for error handling not discussed (but it is implied for OpenSearch to use HTTP error codes)
    • Casting demos
      • The theme is collaboration, how can casting/discovery conventions support collaboration
      • Ruth will be able to show next step beyond July demo (aggregating casts from distributed sources, making available to portal using OpenSearch)
      • Need to focus on demos/use cases that align with collaboration theme
    • Part of planning session: What are the implications for discovery conventions in the ESC?
      • How do we move forward on a more collaborative discovery cluster?
      • How can the discovery services meet the requirements of the ESC? (joint-session with ESC)
  • Winter meeting is shorter, so not as much time for demos/workshops
  • The ESRI demo/participation in Winter Meeting will be coordinated by the Discovery cluster
  • ACTION ITEM: Submit the abstracts for the Winter Meeting sessions



  • Is the Discovery cluster defining the "types" that are allowable?
    • the convention should be totally open, no constraints on what values are used
  • Using plurals to differentiate collections of data and services vs. individual services
    • use "serviceCast" and "collectionCast" instead of "collections" and "services"
  • Should differentiate between data available from FTP and data offered through OPeNDAP
  • Anyone can add examples to the wiki
  • What about structured metadata file?
    • What's the metadata format (ISO would be an example)?
  • Add example for OpenSearch Description Document (has its own mime/type)