Discovery Telecon 2011-06-14

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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"Plays Well With Others"


Earth System Grid Federation

  • The ESG working on a REST API for search within the ESG, and may or may not include OpenSearch features.
  • some in ESG may have gotten impression that ESIP is more OGC-like in terms of standards.
  • ESG may need more features than what OpenSearch's simple features.
    • e.g. need support for 360-day years, ensemble forecast time, faceted search
    • Luca Cinquini is good contact.
  • We want to find strategy/pattern of specifying faceted search for OpenSearch.

Webinar for infusion of discovery technology

  • To help new infusion cases of Discovery services.
    • intended mainly for the techies.
    • probably after ESIP.
  • Possible title: "Getting started with ESIP Discovery Services"
  • Want to cover the following (around 20 slides)
    • problem (3-4 slides)
    • solution (5-8 slides)
      • show the outer user view and inner technical view
      • To be effective, need to cover service providers and clients.
      • Cover services for OpenSearch, ServiceCasting, and DataCasting
    • sample applications with solutions (3 slides per applications)
      • IceBridge portal is driven by casting and OpenSearch. recently deployed this week.
      • Show power of mashups.
        • Ruth at beginning stages of using DataCasting to feed aggregator for web portal
      • EPA (Bill Sonntag)
    • governance process (4 slides)
  • Contribute slide content
    • materials can also be used as outreach. e.g. EOSDIS (7 datacenters currently not supporting this)
    • post content to wiki page Discovery Webinar Materials

Any new DCPs in the works?

  • Ruth's team will have some coming. but they need to organize things first. Sort OpenSeach results into different kinds of relationships. Search results are casts, but need to distinguish difference services for the data.
  • Chris planning on micro-DCP on relation for OPeNDAP. wants a rel attribute for OPeNDAP.

Semi-Annual Status report for the ESIP Executive Committee

  • Carol Beaton Meyers wants to get a semi-annual status report for each Cluster.
  • Semi-Annual Status report
    • # of people participating: 8-10 active, ~30 passive
    • What were the main activities of this group over the six months?
      • met ESIP Winter meeting
      • telecons
      • defined and exercised governance process
      • began preparation for informaiton webinar
      • researched interoperability with other search framework
      • submitted proposal for Products and Services Committee
    • did not receive funding for this work
    • work with other organizations:
      • NASA Tech Infusion
      • OGC, ESGF, Data Conservancy instances (peer-to-peer)
      • submitted proposal for Products and Services Committee
    • What are your plans for the next six months?
      • work with OGC and ESGF to the extent possible
      • NASA Standards and Processes (SPG) Group needs evidence of implementation. 3 implementations and those people to answer the survey. maybe write a standards proposal.
      • showcase more application
      • complete Webinar materials
      • participate in Products and Services testbed

Upcoming Telecons

  • no telecon in July, as we will be at ESIP meeting.
  • August: talk with OGC (we hope) and also discuss an RSS response type.


  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua
  • Eric Rozell (RPI, Discovery Cluster Fellow)
  • Ken Keiser
  • James Gallagher
  • Ruth Duer
  • Robert Downs