Discovery Telecon 2011-05-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Schedule for breakout session at ESIP

  • Scheduled for Wednesday, July_13,_2011 @ 8:30am-10:00am. Track 4: ESIP Discovery Show and Tell
  • tenetatively signed up a secondary Discovery session on Thursday afternoon after ServiceCasting session. May use extra session for topics such as OGC OpenSearch.
  • (from last month's telecon)
  • Overview of Discovery session
    • Get everyone up to speed with discovery services.
    • Designated technical consultants for each area:
      • OpenSearch: Chris Lyness
      • ServiceCasting: Brian Wilson
      • Collection Casting: Ruth Duer
      • Services/Solr/Depoyment: Hook Hua
  • Showcase of various clients (e.g. ServiceCasting or DataCasting)
    • more like outreach. demonstrate impact of cluster

Agenda for Wednesday Session

  • Overview (Lynnes)
  • ECHO Clients and Demos (Cechini and Keiser)
  • GES DISC: Mirador, Simple Subset Wizard, and Community Based Giovanni (Lynnes)
  • RPI: Faceted Browse using OpenSearch (Rozell)
  • NSIDC: Datacasting at Collection and File Level (Duerr)
  • JPL: DataCasting (?)

Products and services proposal

  • What use(s) the Discovery cluster might be able to think of proposing. See Testbed.
  • Write draft proposal
    • Discovery Services and Clients: Interoperability Testing and Advertisement
    • The Discovery cluster provides a medium for Federation members to coordinate on development, deployment, and creation of interoperable specifications for Discovery services such as OpenSearch, DataCasting, and ServiceCasting. As such, a common testbed to deploy services and/or clients would enable the Federation members to test the interoperability of Discovery services and clients. More over, having a common testbed where Federation members from various data centers can access would provide a common platform that can be used to advertise their services. Currently it is difficult to know where services exist, what they do, and how to access them. Several machine-processable mechanisms for advertising services (such as service casting) have been evaluated by the NASA Tech Infusion Working Group. The testbed will provide an environment to demonstrate how Federation-wide member services can be advertised, described, and chained together using existing technologies.
    • ESIP Community Benefits: Improved interoperability of ESIP Discovery services and clients leading to broader adoption. Increased awareness and usage of Discovery services.
    • Cost: $8K to (1) setup the testbed for allowing service and client implementations to be deployed onto the testbed and (2) setup a service cast of Federation member’s services offered
  • discussed idea with running virtualization images on the testbed.
  • more value in interoperability test than advertisement.
  • advertisement expects a more permanence.
  • advertisement was more about demoes to drive new products.
  • expose for demonstration purposes. need to update
  • GMU may be SAing the machine.
  • Ken to wrap up the proposal to the finance community. waiting input from IT&I committee, IQ, and Semantic Clusters.
  • Hook to update the proposal based on feedback of usage of advertisement as a way to demonstrate the new products and services.

Plan for dialogue with OGC

  • Ask George Percivall to have someone attend the June telecon telecon to go through the OGC OpenSearch spec
  • at June 14th telecon
    • go over the OGC OpenSearch spec
    • Chris to post the spec document/link and contact George.

Ran out of time, topics deferred to next month's telecon

Discovery RSS Response Format

  • (from last month's telecon)
  • Cover for the two groups of users
    • With vested interest: direct interest in DataCasting service.
    • Without vested interest: interested in implications across other Discovery services.

Webinar for infusion of discovery technology

  • (from last month's telecon)
  • To help new infusion cases of Discovery services.
  • Example case: EPA (Bill Sonntag)
  • Possible title: "Getting started with ESIP Discovery Services"
    • intended mainly for the techies.
    • could even show again at ESIP.
  • Contribute slide content
  • To be effective, need to cover service providers and clients.
  • Cover services for OpenSearch, ServiceCasting, and DataCasting
  • Show some existing applications.
  • Show power of mashups.
    • Ruth at beginning stages of using DataCasting to feed aggregator for web portal


  • Olding
  • Cechini
  • Rozell
  • Lynnes
  • Robinson
  • Hua
  • Zednik
  • Keiser