Discovery Telecon 2011-04-12

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Tuesday, April 12, 2011. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT
  • Phone number: 1-866-509-1626
    • Meeting Code: 3851033#


  • So far, have been using a NASA MeetMe number. Next telecon will need to switch to ESIP's Webex number.

ESIP 2011 Summer Meeting - Discovery Session planning

  • Schedule posted: Jluly 12-13 Summer Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
    • Need to add slot for Discovery
    • Interest in slot for Wednesday July_13,_2011 (Teacher Workshop, Technical Workshops, Plenary, Poster Session)
  • Discovery session topic ideas
    • Overview of Discovery
      • Get everyone up to speed with discovery services.
      • Designated technical consultants for each area:
        • OpenSearch: Chris Lyness
        • ServiceCasting: Brian Wilson
        • Collection Casting: Ruth Duer
        • Services/Solr/Depoyment: Hook Hua
    • Showcase of various clients (e.g. ServiceCasting or DataCasting)
      • more like outreach. demonstrate impact of cluster
      • 10-15 minutes each.
      • GES DISC (Mirador, Simple Subset Wizrd, and Community Based Giovanni)
      • NSIDC can also show interface
      • JPL DataCasting
      • ECHO? (latest multi-format client)
    • Working Technical Session
      • Many folks have mixed feelings on need of technical session.

Discovery Webinar to Help Infusion?

  • To help new infusion cases of Discovery services.
  • Example case: EPA (Bill Sonntag)
  • Possible title: "Getting started with ESIP Discovery Services"
    • intended mainly for the techies.
    • could even show again at ESIP.
  • Contribute slide content
  • To be effective, need to cover service providers and clients.
  • Cover services for OpenSearch, ServiceCasting, and DataCasting
  • Show some existing applications.
  • Show power of mashups.
    • Ruth at beginning stages of using DataCasting to feed aggregator for web portal

Follow up on DCP-1

  • Interoperability
    • Want to make sure that both service and client implementations adhere to the specification to ensure interoperability.
  • Any plans for existing and new implementations of Discovery service providers to follow the DCP-1 specification?
    • ECHO (Matt) planning to update in next couple of months
    • NSIDC (Ruth) planning to update in next iterations
    • GES DISC (Richard) to assessment service updates
    • WSNEWS (Hook) planning to update in next couple of months
    • check with Brian on ServiceCasting.

Next DCP Ideas

  • Which ideas to formalize next?
  • Need motivators first to draft up specification documents and then handoff to facilitator for going through the DCP process.
  • New incubator ideas
    • Ruth wants to propose OpenSearch for Services. Essentially using OpenSearch as ServiceCasting.
      • Using same OpenSearch Request interface for DataCasting and ServiceCasting.
      • need to post information on this on wiki.
    • Hook wants to propose a JSON response format for the Discovery specs
      • should help to (1) increase development productivity and (2) increase efficiency of response--especially for non-pagination responses
  • Some existing ideas

Product & Services Testbed

  • What use(s) the Discovery cluster might be able to think of proposing. See Testbed.
  • If we have applications that are portable, can put on the testbed.
    • e.g. drop down portable OpenSearch server
  • Want to test server implementation on the testbed.
  • Want to test clients.
  • Products and Services proposal for test bed activities. some funding available.
    • Discovery cluster could also contribute to the testbed proposal. Hook to write up addition and email Ken.
  • testbed could also be used to test out new reference implementations of DCP specifications.
    • allows for clients to test interoperability and compliance.

Next telecons

  • May telecon
    • Need to reschedule from May 10 to some other dates. Conflicts with the GES DISC UWG Meeting.
    • Discovery RSS Response Format
      • Cover for the two groups of users
        • With vested interest: direct interest in DataCasting service.
        • Without vested interest: interested in implications across other Discovery services.
    • Ask George Percivall to have someone attend the June telecon telecon to go through the OGC OpenSearch spec
  • June 14th telecon
    • Go over the OGC OpenSearch spec


  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua
  • Ken Keiser
  • James Gallagher
  • Sean McCleese
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Bob Downs
  • Richard Strub
  • Steve Aulenbach
  • Matt Cechini