Discovery Change Proposal Template

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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DCP-i: name of proposal

  • Progress (fill in the dates as the process moves forward)
  1. Submitted on: when the DCP was submitted
  2. Review period: the review period
  3. Revision: when revisions are being made based on feedback
  4. Vote: the voting period
  5. Final review: when final adjustments are being made and final review
  6. Ratified: when approved.
  7. Rejected: or when rejected.
  • Facilitator: the primary editor to help the DCP move along the process.


Insert description of proposal.

Problem Addressed

What is the problem to solve?

Proposed Solution

May link to other resources.

Rationale for the Solution

Why this solution?


May link to medium where proposal is openly discussed.


Voting results.