Disaster BoF

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Time: 10:30-12:00
Location:Foggy Bottom
Convener: Goodman

Action Items

  • Continue a discussion on creating a cross agency catalog of disaster related tools and technologies
    • Gap analysis of these tools

Key Topics

  • Who called this meeting?
    • Carol, who slipped in late
  • Data available, but often not timely enough or formatted for first responders
  • Need to cross boundaries between organizations to identify related data and enable "boots on the ground" use
  • Can we organize a rapid response team?
  • Can we quantify our impact?
  • Funding happens after a disaster, not before
    • Does anyone do disaster forecast/scenario research? Limited, but some.
      • How do we prepare for 'hundred year events' that occur decadaly as climate changes?
  • Is ESiP's job to just raise the visibility of members working in this area?
    • Communicate new technologies to orgs using existing tech?


Small group discussion on the feasibility of a Disaster Cluster.

Participants: Kevin, Ryan, Frank, Michael, John, Oleg, Jesse, Bruce, Bob, Glynis, Carol, Kumar, Chris, Sara